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LEGS – RIPPED AND SEXY – Brooke Walker from the Lofts!

Some of the sexiest muscular legs you’ll ever see, folks – Brooke Walker at the Lofts – from her 4th place finish in the prestigious Arnold Classic.  Brooke’s hamstrings, calves, glutes on display, super ripped and shredded to the extreme.  Add in a little biceps flexing, and this update of nearly 5 minutes of stunning Brooke Walker video makes for a great day at PremiumPhysiques!  Thanks for JOIN PremiumPhysiques and showing your support!


HOT HAMMIES! – Brooke Walker Takes Things to Another Level!

2 new videos posted in the Brooke Walker – Leg Day at the Dungeon shoot page.   And wow, are they sensational or what!  Brooke posing her abs, hamstrings, quads, and more.  This physique is simply out of control HOT and there’s no better physique girl on the planet, folks!   Join PremiumPhysiques now for access to all of the exclusive Brooke content here at PP.

Also, remember to check out the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV where Brooke is posting exclusive content that helps support her in her 2017 competitions.  Every video you buy from her store directly goes to help her out – so show some love, folks!  We have more shoots scheduled later this month, plus June, so there will be much more Brooke coming both to PremiumPhysiques, AND her Clips Studio!


More Hanna Hallman and Brooke Walker to kick off this amazing week!

Fans of SEXY Blondes with tons of hot sexy ripped muscle are gonna be very pleased with today’s update of Hanna “Peaches” Hallman, as well as super sexy sponsored athlete Brooke Walker, from her February studio shoot in St. Louis.  Biceps and triceps are the name of the game in the new video on the Hanna Hallman 2017 Contest shape page.  Then, it’s legs, then upper body, of the fabulous Brooke Walker 2017 at Evocative Studios.  Thank you for showing your support and being a member at PremiumPhysiques!


NEW EVENT ADDED – 2017 Contest Shape Hanna Hallman!

Phenomenal female muscle!  Join PremiumPhysiques now for the amazing Hanna Hallman!

Phenomenal female muscle! Join PremiumPhysiques now for the amazing Hanna Hallman!

It’s been 3 years since Hanna Hallman was last featured here at PremiumPhysiques… BUT…. the wait for her return is worth it! Hanna is looking insanely ripped, with more muscle than ever! We recently shot with her at 2 different pro shows (St. Louis and Charlotte, NC). You will be amazed at the quality of muscle! Join PremiumPhysiques now and don’t miss a thing! Hundreds of pics and 15 videos coming to the Hanna Hallman 2017 Contest Shape page!


New Danielle Mastro & Brooke Walker Vids Added – JOIN NOW!

Outstanding and powerful quads - JOIN today!

Outstanding and powerful quads – JOIN today!

2 sizzlin’ vids added today! First, America’s cutie pie with muscles, Danielle Mastromatteo, working her sexy quads, flexing and posing on the Beauty in Bellevue 2 page. Then, one of the hottest muscle girls in the world, Brooklyn T. Walker, training hamstrings, then flexing every inch of those amazing legs, front and back, in an amazing display of female power! Check it out on the “Brooke Walker’s Leg Day in the Dungeon” page.  Be prepared to be blown away by these 2 awesome hotties!


Brooke Walker has it ALL! – The Complete Physique

Today we feature a new SEXY studio shoot video of the amazing Brooke Walker!  On the 2017 Evocative Studios Brooke Walker shoot page, see a brand new clip of Brooke in contest shape flexing some ROCK hard muscle.  This clip features biceps, abs, back, glutes, and more.  We are talking, folks, the COMPLETE Physique!  Brooke just finished 2nd this past weekend in the 2017 HDPhysiques Women’s Physique Championship in a super close decision (1-point), narrowly missing out on a trip to Vegas for the Olympia – but let’s see what happens later in 2017!  In any event, we are super proud of Brooke as PremiumPhysiques’ sponsored athlete and plan to support her wherever she goes next!


The PERFECTION of Brooke Walker’s Legs – New Vids added!

How ya like dem legs?  Click here to sign up now and get access to ALL of this shoot and all of!

How ya like dem legs? Click here to sign up now and get access to ALL of this shoot and all of!

Brooke Walker – LEG DAY at the Dungeon, is without question, one of the most popular pages on PremiumPhysiques.  We now have 16 videos on this page from her early February shoot at “The Dungeon – Titone Pro Gym”.  Much more still to come!   Today, 2 new videos featuring her amazing legs… big thick meaty, ripped, striated quads, plus some of the biggest, most deep cut calves, you’re ever gonna see.  Brooke is the ultimate physique woman!