Quad Bouncing – Video of HUGE New Muscles in the Hot California Sun

Quad Bouncing – Video of HUGE New Muscles in the Hot California Sun

Check out the AWESMOE new clip on the Corona Del Mar shoot page. I flex these huge legs every which way possible, including some sexy quad bounces as they hang over my knee – My most extreme muscle pump yet! Thank you for joining PremiumPhysiques.com! – T

Big Biceps Muscle Pumping

Biceps and upper body muscle pumping!

Over on the page for the original Fitness Vault Shoot, check out a nice clip of some arm flexing after I just got done crushin’ them with some huge weight!

Strong Triceps and Biceps – Training Heavy at PremiumPhysiques.com

Check out this new video of triceps training, with SEXY muscular arms posing!

Today I added a new video on the Shannon Courtney and Tanya Heavy Lifting page from last year. After pounding triceps with some heavy weight, it’s time for some triceps and biceps flexing – ENJOY! Thanks for joining PremiumPhysiques.com, I appreciate your support! – Tanya

Sexy Muscle Posing Video and Strong Lifting at the Fitness Vault

BIG BICEPS, strong and powerful flexing!

Today I added a new, long clip of powerful gym work and sexy flexing on the Fitness Vault 2 page – I hope you enjoy! – Tanya

STRONG new back training clip added!

New video of WIDE and STRONG back training added today!

Hey peeps, today I added a new video on the Tanya at Powerhouse Gym St. Louis – 4 page. See this strong display of power by joining PremiumPhysiques.com!

Awesome new video added at PremiumPhysiques.com – HUGE muscles flexing on the beach!

Hot new LONG muscle flexing clip added!

Hey folks – head over to the Flexing at the Strand Beach page to find my latest video added – over 2 1/2 minutes of sexy flexing of the biceps, quads, calves, and more! Thanks for joining PremiumPhysiques.com! – Tanya

New Gallery and Video Added to the Members Section – Evocative Studios and Shannon in the Gym!

Sexy images from Evocative Studios and a NEW FREAKY STRONG Shannon Courtney Video!

Hey everyone – hope you’re having a great weekend! To kick off this week, I’ve added a new photo gallery of some sexy images from the Sexy Shoot at Evocative Studios and then added another video of Shannon’s superhuman strength on the page for Shannon Courtney CRAZY STRONG back workout at Costa Mesa. Stay tuned for more this week, from PremiumPhysiques.com! – Tanya

Muscle Control and SEXY Sultry Posing Videos added!

Sexy & Sultry Muscle Control, Glute Bouncing, Biceps Popping & more!

Hey everyone, thank you for your support! I hope you’re enjoying the site. Today, you’ll find new clips on the Fitness Vault 2 where I’m doing some sultry posing in the gym, highlighting biceps, triceps, and back. Then, if glutes and legs are your thing, you may love this MUSCLE CONTROL glute bouncing clip on the Laguna Beach shoot page! Yep, I’ve been working hard over the past year on building this muscle butt! lol. Thank you for signing up for PremiumPhysiques.com. More updates coming this weekend! – Tanya

Awesome leg flexing video added to the PremiumPhysiques.com members section!

LEGS lookin’ HUGE in today’s video!

Hey everyone – Today I added a new video of sizzlin’ leg flexing to the Tanya at Powerhouse Gym St. Louis – 4 – enjoy! – Tanya

Sexy posing video in a HOT gym outfit, and punishing my delts at the Fitness Vault!

Sexy posing video in a HOT gym outfit, and punishing my delts at the Fitness Vault!

Check out 2 new clips in the members section! See some punishing delt action on the page for the Fitness Vault 2 shoot. Then, it’s time for some SEXY posing in a tiny gym outfit – see this sizzlin’ clip on the page for the Sexy Legs and Glutes Shoot with Tara Suzanne. Thank you for joining PremiumPhysiques.com – Tanya