New video clips of Katie Lee & Erin Twiggs – Awesome Muscle!

Enjoy the new videos of Katie Lee and Erin Twiggs that we just added to the Erin Twiggs – New IFBB Pro and Alli Schmohl and Katie Lee – Biceps Battle! pages here at PremiumPhysiques.  And stay tuned for a brand new shoot page coming on Tuesday of the THICK and POWERFUL Allison Schmohl!

HOT LEGS – check out Sara Butler’s super QUADS!

JOIN PremiumPhysiques for the stunningly hot legs of powerful physique competitor, Sara Butler

JOIN PremiumPhysiques for the stunningly hot legs of powerful physique competitor, Sara Butler

On the Sara Butler – PRO PHYSIQUE page, we just added an outstanding new video of Sara Butler flexing her gorgeous legs. She seriously has some of the best wheels on the market right now, so JOIN TODAY and check them out!


Check out this amazing new shoot of the gorgeous Shannon Courtney - JOIN PremiumPhysiques TODAY!

Check out this amazing new shoot of the gorgeous Shannon Courtney – JOIN PremiumPhysiques TODAY!

BRAND NEW photoshoot with the amazing Shannon Courtney! Check out the first 4 galleries on the Shannon Courtney in the Arizona Desert – 2015 and see what Shannon has been up to since retiring from competitive bodybuilding. Yep, she’s still got those gorgeous muscles and looks absolutely amazing! JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for the absolute best in female muscle!

RIPPED and SHREDDED Erin Twiggs – 2 new HOT FLEXING videos!

Just weeks after her pro card win in New York, Erin Twiggs flexes and shows off her amazing upper body in these 2 hot new clips on the NEW PRO Erin Twiggs – SUPER SHREDDED page here at Premium Physiques! Also, stay tuned for new shoots on the way here at! We are meeting up with Katie Lee and Alli Schmohl for another “biceps battle” shoot at the Olympia this coming weekend – so make sure you’re a member at!

Amazing new videos of Shanique Grant & more!

HOT NEW CLIPS – check out the new videos added to the pages of Katie Lee and Tanya at AussieFit Gym in Columbus Ohio and 19-year-old Figure Sensation – Shanique Grant at the 2015 Team Universe in New Jersey. These were some amazing shoots! First see Tanya powering up her strong arms and shapely delts… then the ripped muscle and perfect shape of Shanique with some sexy posing just weeks before her pro debut in Tampa this past weekend. Much more amazing stuff on the way here at – so JOIN PP TODAY!!!

New Vids of Alli Schmohl & Tanya Hyde – HUGE ARMS!

Today, adds 2 new videos of some huge muscle power! First, on the Katie Lee and Tanya Hyde at AussieFit Gym page, you’ll see a super impressive clip of Tanya doing pullups showing off her amazing power, then some sexy flexing. Next up… biceps peak princess Allison Schmohl flexing her CRAZY HOT biceps peaks on the page for Katie Lee and Allison Schmohl in Charleston, the weekend that Alli won her pro card at Jr. USA’s. Thank you for showing your support by joining!

Erin Twiggs – AMAZING SHREDDED Muscular Girl Added!

Today, welcomes the outrageously SUPER SHREDDED Erin Twiggs-Hutchinson as our latest truly ELITE model at PremiumPhysiques! THIS is a girl that knows how to get into shape, folks! Her legs were so dry and grainy, this is perhaps the most ripped and shredded competitor we’ve seen since the 2007 version of Carmen Tocheniuk. Enjoy the tons of photos and videos to come from last weekend’s shoot in Chicago IL at the NPC Jr Nationals!

Autumn Swansen flexes her THICK, powerful triceps in RIPPED shape!

Whoa – hold up! Check out the crazy arms on the Stunning and SHREDDED Autumn Swansen! This girl is just from another planet! Stay tuned for more shoots with Autumn soon!

New video added of some HUGE wide back flexing and more!

On the Fitness Vault 2 page, we have added a new video of Tanya flexing her thick, powerful, and WIDE back! Enjoy this great clip by joining today!

Autumn Swansen is STRONG – check out this new clip!

Check out the Stunning and SHREDDED Autumn Swansen page to see Autumn doing some amazing gym work – this girl is STRONG – JOIN TODAY!