Offseason Muscle Flexing on the Beach – Tanya and Rikki Smead!

Who Wants To See Some Sexy Muscle Flexing on the Beach?

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great week. See 2 new clips, one each on the pages for the Ft. Lauderdale Beach shoot, and Rikki Smead and Tanya at Laguna Beach. I hope you enjoy these offseason clips. More ripped contest shape stuff coming this weekend! Let me know what thoughts and ideas you have for upcoming shoots! – Tanya

One of the sexiest shoots ever on!

Ripped Muscles, Tiny Bikini, California Sun!

Check out the new RIPPED muscles, Thong Bikini at Laguna Beach shoot, which was shot just last weekend – just 4 weeks out from my show, May 10th.  I hope you enjoy these new muscles I’ve been working on. I’ve been killin’ it in the gym during this prep. My strength is crazy right now and I’m eating cleaner and healthier than ever. It’s been fun watching me change.  Thanks for your continued support of I truly appreciate the feedback and your support! – Tanya