Beefnuggette! 2 More Videos Added to the PremiumPhysiques Members Area!

Beefnuggette says JOIN NOW here at PremiumPhysiques - and see some of the biggest female muscle EVER!

Beefnuggette says JOIN NOW here at PremiumPhysiques – and see some of the biggest female muscle EVER!

Today is a great day for fans of HUGE biceps and sexy female muscle.  In addition to the new 4K resolution Katie Lee video just released at HDPhysiques.TV, here at PremiumPhysiques you’ll find 2 new clips in the members section of the fabulous newcomer Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren at the 2018 Jr Nationals.   In contest shape, ‘Nuggs is HUGE and ripped, and of course, ultra-sexy.   This is a great time to join PremiumPhysiques – we’ve got some incredible new pages on the way featuring Carli Terepka, Brooke Walker, and of course, more Beefnuggette, Jamie Pinder, and more!


2 NEW VIDEOS of the Gorgeous and Powerful Beefnuggette Added!

Nuggy is huge and massive - JOIN now and don't miss this amazing model!

Nuggy is huge and massive – JOIN now and don’t miss this amazing model!

Hey gang, check it out – 2 new clips of the stunning and massive BEEFNUGGETTE has been added to the PremiumPhysiques members area.  On the “Beefnuggette at Evocative Studios” page, you’ll find 2 clips of Paige posing and flexing her super hot quads, biceps, and much more!   We are excited for NEW SHOOTS coming this weekend as Paige is in contest shape to compete at the Jr Nationals in Chicago.  Let’s hope for the best!  All new content coming soon to PremiumPhysiques and the Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!   Speaking of HDPhysiques.TV – remember our June Promotion – it’s HOT and it’s the best way to get more content of this gorgeous muscular beauty – see the details below!

Buy ANY 3 videos from any mix of studios at HDPhysiques.TV, the FemaleMuscleStore, and get 2 free videos of your choice (of equal or similar price).  OR, Purchase and memberships as outlined below….  BUT….. you have to follow the instructions below in order to redeem your free videos…. so pay attention!

  1. – Make your purchase like normal, at HDPhysiques.TV, the FemaleMuscleStore;  OR , Buy a 3 month subscription at OR,  OR, buy a combo membership of BOTH HDPhysiques and PremiumPhysiques for any duration!
  2. – Upon successfully downloading your videos (or accessing the members area of HDP and/or PremiumPhysiques), then FORWARD US your CCBill email receipt, along with telling us the EXACT TITLE of the 2 free videos you’d like.  Please do not use abbreviations or generalize (i.e. – Brooke’s new video)…. you must use EXACT TITLES.
  3. – Give us 24-48 hours to process your request.
  4. – You can repeat this procedure (buying 3 videos, redeeming 2 free) as many times as you’d like between now and June 30th…. so take advantage while it lasts
  5. – Yes, you can combine multiples into 1 order.  For instance…. buy 6 videos, get 4 free!   Buy 12 videos, get 8 free!

Autumn Swansen Galleries & Brooke Walker Video added – Join PremiumPhysiques today!

Awesome video of Brooke Walker added to the Evocative Studios page!

Awesome video of Brooke Walker added to the Evocative Studios page!

Today, PremiumPhysiques has new content of 2 of the finest physique women around.  First up, check out the finally gallery from Autumn Swansen’s Olympia Shoot, where she’s looking absolutely stunning in a gorgeous bikini, flexing tons of muscle!   Then, Brooke Walker is sensational in the final video to be added on the 2017 Evocative Studios Shoot page.   Be sure to JOIN PREMIUMPHYSIQUES now for brand new content coming soon (later this week) of our sponsored athlete Carli Terepka, in RIPPED contest shape coming off her pro card win at the 2017 North Americans!  In the meantime, check out her new videos at her Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!


An AMAZING February ends with NEW Brooke Walker Studio Shoot Page!


Female MUSCLE PERFECTION – Join PremiumPhysiques now for the epic and legendary 2017 Brooke Walker Evocative Studios Shoot!

It’s been an incredible month at!  To start the month, we gave you an all new shoot page of the outstanding IFBB Pro, Sara Butler, as she demolished Fit Nation Gym in Norwalk California!  Then, we released a new page of the sensational IFBB Physiques Pro, and HDP/PP Sponsored Athlete, Brooke Walker, as she destroyed THE DUNGEON Titone Pro Gym in Arnold MO.  (still MUCH more to come on that page too!).  Now, from the same weekend, we have Brooke in her best shape ever, in a sizzlin’ hot studio shoot. The images are mind-blowing, and the video is absolute posing and flexing perfection!   If you’re not already a member of Premium Physiques, there’s never been a better time to join – so much amazing content on the way on these recently added pages of female muscle perfection!

And also remember, you can join both PremiumPhysiques and HDPhysiques at the same time when signing up at HD.  You’ll save $4.00 a month with our COMBO MEMBERSHIP!  So, join both today and get the absolute best in the world of female muscle!


Videos of ULTRA-RIPPED Jamie Pinder & Sexy Danielle Mastro Added!

See those KILLER QUADS (ripped to the extreme!!!) only at PremiumPhysiques - join today for amazing videos!

See those KILLER QUADS (ripped to the extreme!!!) only at PremiumPhysiques – join today for amazing videos!

PremiumPhysiques has updated with 2 new videos today! Check out the ultra-hot Danielle Mastromatteo – Beauty in Bellevue 2 where she trains her chest in the gym. Then, for fans of mega-ripped, top level muscle, check out the stunning Jamie Pinder at the 2016 Olympia – her legs are simply out of this world! From another planet!


2 amazing new videos of Katie Lee & Danielle Mastromatteo!

Today, we have added a video on the brand new page of Danielle Mastromatteo – Beauty in Bellevue 2, then we also added the final clip to the page of KATIE LEE – MEGA BICEPS IN CONTEST SHAPE, where you’ll see a beautiful, and massively jacked Katie Lee in contest shape flexing for your pleasure. She’s HUGE! Thank you for your support of – we’ve got lots of amazing stuff on the way, including a sexy new shoot with Brooke Walker, the Arkansas Ranger!


NEW PAGE – FREAKING SHREDDED & RIPPED Jamie Pinder from the 2016 Olympia!

UNREAL, Shredded and Ripped - Jamie Pinder from the 2016 Olympia - now available at - JOIN TODAY!

UNREAL, Shredded and Ripped – Jamie Pinder from the 2016 Olympia – now available at – JOIN TODAY!

Wow, PremiumPhysiques members are in for a treat today! – Check out the BRAND NEW PAGE – Jamie Pinder – 2016 Olympia, for our latest shoot with PremiumPhysiques mega-star, Jamie Pinder! Perhaps some of the best conditioning we’ve ever seen – Jamie finished 5th in a field of 30 girls at the Olympia. Mind-blowing muscle here folks! Tremendous triceps and mountainous biceps, along with some of the deepest cut quads, and diamond shaped calves we’ve ever seen – simply sensational!


Over 100 HOT PICS of Jamie Pinder added to the Members Area!

Today we’ve added a 4 new galleries on the Jamie Pinder – Chicago Pro Champ page, featuring over 100 HOT high-resolution images! Jamie went on to place in the top 5 in the Olympia after this shoot, and it’s easy to see why. Simply phenomenal muscle shape, rock hard razor like conditioning, and some of the most gorgeous looks in all of the IFBB! Join PremiumPhysiques now for all the hot pics and vids from this shoot and MANY more to come!