NEW Vids of Natalia Coelho & HUGE Katie Lee added!

Awesome update today here at PremiumPhysiques!   First, if you want to see something jaw-dropping… check out the striated glutes on recently added Figure Olympian, Natalia Coelho!  Then, for the mass monster lovers out there, you’ll love the new clip of Katie Lee and her huge 17″ guns in RIPPED contest shape conditioning, on the Katie Lee in Omaha page!

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NEW PAGE ADDED – Carli Terepka – NEW PRO – Ripped and HUGE!

Join PremiumPhysiques now for this AMAZING footage and pics of NEW PRO Carli Terepka - JOIN NOW!

Join PremiumPhysiques now for this AMAZING footage and pics of NEW PRO Carli Terepka – JOIN NOW!

Congratulations to HD/PP Sponsored Athlete, Carli Terepka, for winning her pro card at this past weekend’s 2017 IFBB North Americans in Pittsburgh PA.   Carli won in dominating fashion, not only winning her Class (B), but also taking the overall with ease.   Quite simply, she brought a flawless physique.  Lots of muscle size, ripped and shredded, nice vascularity, and model quality good looks.  She will be an instant threat to win any pro show that she chooses to enter.  Her years of hard work paid off.  Countless shows, countless hours on the treadmills, countless hours in the gym grinding through rep after rep, and so many chicken breasts.  She finally did it…. and made so many of her supporters proud, especially those of us here at HDPhysiques International Headquarters!

Check out the first shoot page that we just added from this amazing event.  The Carli Terepka – New Pro 1 page now has the first 4 video clips posted, plus 2 photo galleries.  Carli posing in a GORGEOUS red bikini – she’s never looked better, folks.  Wow – there are simply no words!   Additionally, many of the clips coming to this page are shot with the HDPhysiques gimbal for maximum picture quality!

Also, Carli just recently opened her own Clips Studio at HDPhysiques, where you can find additional exclusive footage of this amazing athlete.  Yesterday, she posted a 4K Ultra HD (maximum resolution!!!) video of her North Americans shoot with us.  Check it out and show your support to Carli today by buying her clips!

Head over to HDPhysiques.TV for the brand new Carli Terepka Clips Studio - purchase her clips to show your support to this amazing athlete!

Head over to HDPhysiques.TV for the brand new Carli Terepka Clips Studio – purchase her clips to show your support to this amazing athlete!


Shred CITY – All new Hanna Hallman Clips Added!

JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for some of the hottest female muscle vids around - like the new Hanna Hallman!

JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for some of the hottest female muscle vids around – like the new Hanna Hallman!

Gorgeous Womens Physique Pro, Hanna Hallman, now has 2 more clips added on her “Contest Shape 2017” page.   Whether you like split, peaked biceps, or SUPREMELY ripped quads and calves, you’re set with this update.  Phenomenal female muscle power – it’s what we do!


Videos of Sara Butler & Hanna Hallman added – JOIN PremiumPhysiques now!

For fans of MASSIVE muscle, check out the new upper body clip of HUGE Sara Butler on the “Sara Butler at Fit Nation Gym” page.  Then, if ULTRA-RIPPED is more your thing… you’ll dig the new clip of Hanna “Peaches” Hallman on the 2017 Hanna Hallman Contest Shape page.   Enjoy these 2 amazing videos and stay tuned for more this weekend!

Plus, we have new CONTEST SHAPE shoots scheduled with fan favorite, the MASSIVE BICEPS GODDESS Katie Lee!  Coming very soon to!


LEGS – RIPPED AND SEXY – Brooke Walker from the Lofts!

Some of the sexiest muscular legs you’ll ever see, folks – Brooke Walker at the Lofts – from her 4th place finish in the prestigious Arnold Classic.  Brooke’s hamstrings, calves, glutes on display, super ripped and shredded to the extreme.  Add in a little biceps flexing, and this update of nearly 5 minutes of stunning Brooke Walker video makes for a great day at PremiumPhysiques!  Thanks for JOIN PremiumPhysiques and showing your support!


More Hanna Hallman and Brooke Walker to kick off this amazing week!

Fans of SEXY Blondes with tons of hot sexy ripped muscle are gonna be very pleased with today’s update of Hanna “Peaches” Hallman, as well as super sexy sponsored athlete Brooke Walker, from her February studio shoot in St. Louis.  Biceps and triceps are the name of the game in the new video on the Hanna Hallman 2017 Contest shape page.  Then, it’s legs, then upper body, of the fabulous Brooke Walker 2017 at Evocative Studios.  Thank you for showing your support and being a member at PremiumPhysiques!


Brooke Walker has it ALL! – The Complete Physique

Today we feature a new SEXY studio shoot video of the amazing Brooke Walker!  On the 2017 Evocative Studios Brooke Walker shoot page, see a brand new clip of Brooke in contest shape flexing some ROCK hard muscle.  This clip features biceps, abs, back, glutes, and more.  We are talking, folks, the COMPLETE Physique!  Brooke just finished 2nd this past weekend in the 2017 HDPhysiques Women’s Physique Championship in a super close decision (1-point), narrowly missing out on a trip to Vegas for the Olympia – but let’s see what happens later in 2017!  In any event, we are super proud of Brooke as PremiumPhysiques’ sponsored athlete and plan to support her wherever she goes next!


Members area update – New Vids of Danielle Mastromatteo & Brooke!

As Taylor Iraggi always says about Brooke: "she is literally perfect". - JOIN PremiumPhysiques and find out for yourself!

As Taylor Iraggi always says about Brooke: “she is literally perfect” – JOIN PremiumPhysiques and find out for yourself!

2 incredible videos of 2 of your favorite PP stars. First up, America’s cutie pie with muscles, Danielle Mastromatteo, working her killer glutes, flexing and posing on the Beauty in Bellevue 2 page. Then, on the page of Brooke Walker from the Lofts – ULTRA RIPPED, you’ll see our most ripped muscle model flexing in her conditioning from the recent 2017 Arnold – wow is she shredded beyond belief! Much more on the way from both of these incredible models!