New videos of Tanya, Tara Suzanne, and the Amazing Dani Reardon

Hot Gymwork and Sexy Muscle Posing by Some of Your Female Muscle Favorites!

Today, see more videos on the page for Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page, featuring her amazingly thick biceps, delts, and chest, then an awesomely huge muscle posing video by Tara Suzanne on the Tara and Tanya Sexy Gymwork 2 page, and a clip of me doing some triceps work on the Shannon and Tanya’s HardCore Lifting page. Thanks for supporting me and my friends by joining Your support is truly appreciate as I prepare for these upcoming shows and shoots! – Tanya

Powerful Shannon works her legs then flexes the quads and calves!

2 New Videos of RIPPED Muscle Girls in the Gym!

Enormously muscular Shannon does some squats, then flexes her HUGE quads and calves as only Shannon can! See this new clip on the Tanya and Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym page! Also, see the final clip on the Tara Suzanne & Tanya – Sexy Legs Gymwork page where I am flexing in near contest shape from 2013! And here’s the BIG announcement! – Stay tuned for another AMAZING new guest model coming this week Wednesday! Thanks for your support everyone, it means a lot to me! – Tanya

Sexy posing video in a HOT gym outfit, and punishing my delts at the Fitness Vault!

Sexy posing video in a HOT gym outfit, and punishing my delts at the Fitness Vault!

Check out 2 new clips in the members section! See some punishing delt action on the page for the Fitness Vault 2 shoot. Then, it’s time for some SEXY posing in a tiny gym outfit – see this sizzlin’ clip on the page for the Sexy Legs and Glutes Shoot with Tara Suzanne. Thank you for joining – Tanya

New video and 2 sexy photo galleries added!

Happy Memorial day from!

Check out the 2 new galleries and 1 new video on the page of Tara Suzanne and Tanya’s Sexy Gymwork 2. Have a great week everyone – more updates on the way, so thank you for joining!

40 new photos and a biceps blastin’ video added!

40 new photos and a biceps blastin’ video added! I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. I no longer plan on doing Jr. USA’s this weekend, by the way. Who knows what lies ahead. I’ll keep you posted! But anyway, today, I’ve added a new video of me blasting some biceps and flexing on the Shannon Courtney and Tanya’s Hardcore Lifting page. Then, check out 2 new sizzlin’ hot galleries over on the Tara Suzanne and Tanya’s SEXY Legs page! Thank you for joining, I appreciate your support! – Tanya