2 More Brooke Vids Added in the Katie Lee Muscle Challenge!

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Brooke responds with 2 more new videos on the page of “Katie Lee vs Brooke Walker – Dungeon Muscle Challenge” – filmed at the Dungeon Pro Gym in St. Louis.   Both of these girls are totally hot and jacked in these clips….. so if you haven’t seen the other videos on this page yet, make sure you check them out!  This was before Brooke’s Olympia ticket was punched…. so she was training extra hard and getting those muscles pumped to the extreme – which obviously makes for outstanding videos!   Join PremiumPhysiques to show your support and allow us to make more hot videos like this 2022!

Also, at other HDPhysiques related properties…. over at the HDPhysiques.TV Clips Store, there’s a SUPER HOT new compilation video added in the Tara Suzanne Clips Studio, featuring Tara at her biggest, and training and showing off what she’s known for…. those world class legs and booty!   Get the new video of Tara Suzanne today!

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Holy crap! Look at those calves and booty! Head over to the Tara Suzanne Studio at HDPhysiques.TV for the ultimate leg workout and flexing video from Tara Suzanne!