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2 New SENSATIONAL Katie Lee Vids Added – HUGE DELTS and BICEPS!

HUGE MUCLES! Both Brooke and Katie brought their A-Game for this posedown in the Dungeon – JOIN NOW for 2 of the best muscle girls in the world!

Massive and STRONG!  Katie Lee has 2 new amazing videos on the MUSCLE CHALLENGE page of “Katie Lee vs Brooke – Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon“….  and they are super impressive, folks!    The delt and biceps monster trains hard with heavy weights, and then does some absolutely hot and sexy muscle posing for the HD cameras!   This page has more vids of both Katie and Brooke to come, and these are super hot, as both girls were determined to steal the spotlight at the dungeon gym.

We’ve got new event pages coming up soon here at PremiumPhysiques, as we’ve had a busy summer shooting schedule thus far.   And we’ve got some big weeks ahead.   Stay tuned for some amazing stuff at both HDPhysiques and PremiumPhysiques – JOIN with our COMBO MEMBERSHIP today and save up to $8.00/month!

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Massive Muscle – Hailey Shows How She Won a Pro Card!

Beautiful Sexy and Ripped! JOIN NOW for the new page featuring Hailey Wegner!

The incredible big blonde muscle machine, Hailey Wegner, is back again with 2 new clips on the page of “Hailey Wegner at Wild Horse Gym” filmed just a couple weeks before her huge pro card win at the 2021 NPC Jr Nationals.   She has some crazy bicep veins and outstanding ripped definition, and clearly shows why she’s one of the top rising stars in figure.

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NEW EVENT PAGE Added – Brooke in SUPER RIPPED Contest Shape in Shreveport!

We’ve literally run out of words to describe how amazing the physique of Brooke Walker really is. Just check out the new page and see for yourself!

BIG news, folks!   We’ve got a brand new page featuring Brooklyn T. Walker, which will feature her at her BIGGEST and MOST RIPPED yet!   Just off the 2021 Optimum Classic, Brooke posed by the pool and in the hotel in a sexy bikini, in that perfect “day after the show” look, with a rock hard carb-filled muscular physique that we’ve never seen on her before (not quite like this!).   On the new, “Contest Shape – Brooke Walker in Shreveport 2021” page, you’ll find the FIRST 3 video clips (super sexy!), and the first 2 members area photo galleries from this jaw-dropping muscle blasting shoot!   If you love sexy muscular HOT BLONDES…. this “Marilyn Monroe of Muscle” will please like never before…. JOIN PremiumPhysiques today!

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Brooklyn with the sexy “come hither” look… do as she suggests, and JOIN PremiumPhysiques today!

We’ve recently added the HUGE legs of Quad Monster Kiliegh Meredith, over on HDPhysiques. Join with the HDP/PP combo membership today and SAVE!

Tremendous NEW VIDS of Mel Brodsky & Galleries of Carli Terepka Added!

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SUPER SEXY update today, folks!  We’ve got 2 of your favorite muscle blondes in some serious flexin’ action today….. first up for video clips, we have 2 new clips of the stunningly gorgeous Melissa Brodsky on the page of Melissa Brodsky – the New Pro, fresh off her pro card win at the 2020 NPC Universe in Charleston, SC.   Then, for the ultimate in massive ripped womens physique muscle….. see 2 new galleries on the page of Carli Terepka – the 2021 STL Pro Champ – shot at St. Louis’ Union Station the day after the event.   Carli has never looked better than she looks here – absolutely mind-blowing muscle!

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New Galleries of RIPPED Contest Shape Carli Terepka & Brooke Walker Added!

A new gallery of the STUNNING Brooke Walker – JOIN PremiumPhysiques for more!

Hey fellas, we’ve got a photo galleries update today, and then another video update coming later this week.   For today’s update, you’re gonna love the visuals…..  2 of the worlds hottest blondes with gigantic female muscle, with new galleries added.   First up, on the Brooke Walker – Spring 2021 at Wild Horse Fitness, we’ve added a new gallery of Brooke from a few months ago, as she was already lean for her May 22th show.   Then, for supremely ripped contest shape muscle, check out the new gallery of SEXY photos added on the page of Carli Terepka – 2021 STL Pro Champ at Union Station.   These are the two best Blondes in the business, and these galleries leave no doubt!   Thank you for JOINING PremiumPhysiques!

Also, if you’re interested in more video of these 2 muscle beasts, check out the BRAND NEW clip added in Brooke Walker’s Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!   It features both girls in contest shape, the day after Carli won the STL Pro!

Carli admiring her own massiveness! JOIN NOW for another hot gallery of this super gorgeous Olympian!

Members Area Update – New Galleries of Hailey Wegner & Morgan Payne Added!

The massive arms of gorgeous Hailey Wegner as she prepares for her next competition. JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for more coverage!

Hey folks!  We’ve got some HOT female muscle updated today in today’s members area update.   One of this year’s hottest names, Hailey Wegner, is back again with another new gallery.   On the page of Hailey Wegner in the Dungeon from back in March, we’ve added another new gallery full of HOT photos of one of the biggest figure competitors in the world!    Then, for some ultra-sexy shots of Morgan Payne by talented photographer Steven Smith, (The New Me Journey), check out the new gallery on the page of Morgan Payne – the TNMJ Shoot.

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Also, be sure to check out the new Carli Terepka CONTEST SHAPE gym shoot in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

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See the NEW video of Ripped contest shape Carli Terepka, now available in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

NEW EVENT PAGE ADDED! Hailey Wegner CONTEST SHAPE at WildHorse Fitness!

Beautiful Sexy and Ripped! JOIN NOW for the new page featuring Hailey Wegner!

Hailey Wegner in contest shape as she put in the final days of prep for her pro card weekend at NPC Jr Nationals.   Looking insanely vascular and lean, Hailey takes you through her workout, and you can see why she’s so close to her pro card at the time of filming this video.   Veins jumping out of her biceps.  Feathers in her quads…. hamstrings nearly popping out of her legs….  she’s never looked better and we are proud to feature her here at PremiumPhysiques as one of the finest young figure girls on the scene today!  On the brand new “Hailey Wegner at Wild Horse Fitness” page….you’ll find the first 4 video clips in the members section, as well as 2 members photo galleries, with much more of both on the way in weeks ahead!

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Hailey looks rock hard and spectacular from every angle! JOIN NOW for her new model page!

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Members Area Update with Kaitie Hart & Melissa Brodskey!

Melissa Brodsky is the talk of the town! JOIN NOW to see her new gallery!

Today’s members area update at PremiumPhysiques, features 2 of the great Blondes of 2020!   First up, the final photo gallery has been added to the page of 2020 NPC Universe Figure Champion, Melissa Brodskey – the New Pro.    Then, for some tremendous, near-contest-shape upper body posing…. take a look at the new video clip added on the page of Kaitie Hart in the Dungeon, with Guest Brooke Walker!

More updates coming later this week!   Thank you for supporting!   Also, be sure to check out the brand new video of PremiumPhysiques sponsored athlete Carli Terepka, now available in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

See the NEW video of Ripped contest shape Carli Terepka, now available in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

NEW VIDS of Brooke & Carli added in Today’s PP Members Area Update!

There’s a reason we call her “Literally Perfect”… the ultimate blonde muscle machine! JOIN NOW for the amazing new page for Brooke Walker!

The 2 big “Girls of Summer 2021” are featured in today’s update here at PremiumPhysiques!    First up, on the page we added just last week, Carli Terepka the day after the 2021 STL Pro Show at Union Station St. Louis….. Carli’s legs ripped beyond belief!    Then, from earlier in the spring, Brooke at the beginning of her prep on the page of Brooke at Wildhorse, Spring 2021!   Brooke flexing every body part and looking like a million bucks!   Simply sensational!

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NEW PAGE ADDED – Carli Terepka – the ULTRA-SHREDDED St. Louis Pro Champion!

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Shredded & Ripped!  Contest Shape female muscle power at its finest…. the ultimate blonde muscle girl, Carl Terepka, is back once again at PremiumPhysiques….. but THIS TIME….. as the brand new 2021 St. Louis Pro HDPhysiques Womens Physique Show Champion!  On the brand new event page…. “Carli Terepka – the New 2021 STL Pro Champ“, you’ll find the first 3 members area video clips, along with the first 3 members area photo galleries!   We’ve got much more to come featuring the sensational Carli!   Plus, in addition to what you’ll find here at PremiumPhysiques in the months ahead…. she also has her Carli Terepka Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, where you’ll find other surprises from her Olympia-qualifying weekend!   For instance, the SEXY Studio shoot at Evocative Studios.  Show your support to Carli by purchasing directly from her HDP Clips Studio!

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Absolutely SHREDDED! Shot just after her STL Pro Win, Carli’s NEW sexy studio shoot video now available in her Clips Store at HDPhysiques.TV!