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AWESOME Update – J-Pomp, plus Brooke & Katie!

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Hey there PremiumPhysiques superfans!   We’ve got a super duper update for you today, folks!   First up, for videos, we added 2 new clips of super-shredded and massively powerful Julia D-Pompeo, on the page entitled “J-Pomp at Jakked Gym“….  where one clip features her wide as a house back, and another, flexing those hugely peaked biceps!

And then, on the page entitled Brooke vs Katie Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon, we’ve got 2 new galleries of Brooklyn Walker in a truly thick and powerful lean muscle size spectacular.

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New Brooke Gallery & New Hailey Wegner Video Added – JOIN TODAY!

INSANELY ripped! New photos of Brooke Walker added in the members area! JOIN NOW!

Hey folks – we’ve got an update today with 2 of your favorite blonde muscle superstars…. and then a bigger one coming later this week.   First up, one more gallery added of Brooke Walker’s Crazy Contest Shape Leg Day, a page that has been VERY popular due to her tremendous conditioning just weeks out from the PHX Pro.   Next up, the massive amazon, Hailey Wegner at Wild Horse, with a brand new video of her tremendous back work, where she too, is in supreme contest shape and looking ripped as hell.

Speaking of Brooke Walker – remember to check out her latest video over in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – the Arkansas Ranger looking crazy hot!

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Over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Brooke Walker Clips Studio has been updated with a hot new sexy 80’s clip – get it today to support Brooke!

Tremendous NEW PAGE Featuring Beefnuggette in RIPPED Contest Shape – HUGE!

HUGE powerful muscle! Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren with an all new page at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN TODAY!

WOW – Beefnuggette is HUGE and RIPPED!  All new page featuring “Paige” the Beefnuggette Sandgren – and she is looking out of control HOT!   Totally at her hugest size ever, and having just come off the stage at the 2022 North Americans, so she’s in RIPPED contest shape, you’re not gonna believe this new combination of size and lean ripped muscle.   Her biceps are not only at their biggest size ever, equaling that of huge Katie Lee, but they are also peaked like never before.  Especially when she flexes from the side, her arms are just absolutely mountainous!   On the new page – Beefnuggette in STL – 2022, see the first 3 videos and the first 3 photo galleries, with more of each on the way!   There’s never been a better time to JOIN PremiumPhysiques!

Remember to join with a combo membership so that you can enjoy the best of both HDPhysiques and PremiumPhysiques!   Over at HDPhysiques, we just released new model, 21 yr old Syd McGhee.   She’s got an extremely bright future and certainly a new face to watch out for!  Also, there’s a NEW Katie Lee video at HDPhysiques.TV – absolutely huge and powerful – Get it today to show Katie your support!

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MASSIVE QUADS! Incredible New Julia Clip, Plus Over 50 Brooke Photos Added!

These quads are literally ridiculous! HUGE, powerful, and CHISELED! Join PremiumPhysiques now for Julia “Goolia” DiPompeo!

Wow, we’ve got some incredible stuff in today’s update, folks!   First up… for leg fans…. you’ll simply be astonished at the new clip we’ve just added today in the members section, on the page of Julia DiPompeo – Beastmode Pump!   Seriously, folks….ripped contest shape with some of the deepest cuts we’ve seen on figure girl legs….these things are HUGE and powerful and super ripped.   You simply won’t believe it.

Then, for fans of gorgeous blonde muscle…  the Marilyn Monroe of Muscle is back with another new gallery on her page from 2022 in Shreveport – Sexy Shoot!   Dressed in some 80’s pink, Big Brookie looks absolutely sensational.   Super lean even in her offseason as she poses and flexes with a fan of hers from the bikini division, Sara Willis.   Sara had competed that day in IFBB Bikini in the Shreveport show, and she looks spectacular too!

Thank you for joining PremiumPhysiques!   Remember to check out the clips store over at HDPhysiques.TV for the latest videos.   We’ve recently added 2 CONTEST SHAPE videos of massive FBB “Beefnuggette“, as well as some sexy gym work in lean shape from Brooklyn Walker.   We also have new Katie and Carli vids to release there soon as well, so keep checking it out each day!

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The NEW Carli Terepka page kicks off with the first 3 videos and first 3 galleries – JOIN NOW for this amazing new material!

Massive WPD Competitor Carli Terepka is back with a new page here at PremiumPhysiques!   Filmed recently at Wild Horse Fitness in STL, Carli does a fantastic combination of gym work combined with full body and up-close sexy flexing and posing.   Never before have you seen her at this enormous size….  her biceps are literally about to explode!   Her quads are huge and thick and massive, her back and chest are thick and meaty, and those arms are literally obnoxious!   One the new page entitled – Carli is HUGE 2022 New Muscle, you’ll see the first 3 videos in 4K resolution video, along with the first 3 members area photo galleries.   And…. there’s much more on the way!

Additionally, PremiumPhysiques athlete Brooke Walker just released a brand new video in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – we HIGHLY encourage you to check it out.   Training in a sexy pink 80’s outfit, Brooke, like Carli, is at her biggest size ever in the summer of 2022, and yet still lean enough to have deep muscle cuts and vascularity everywhere!   Head over to the Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio and get the 2 latest Brooke clips added to your shopping cart immediately – you won’t regret it!

Over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Brooke Walker Clips Studio has been updated with a hot new sexy 80’s clip – get it today to support Brooke!

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Today’s Update – NEW Brooke Flexing Clip & New Gallery of Autumn Swansen, PLUS MORE NUGGS NEWS!

HUGE MUCLES! Both Brooke and Katie brought their A-Game for this posedown in the Dungeon – JOIN NOW for 2 of the best muscle girls in the world!

Hey gang, just a quick update today, with more coming by this weekend.   Today, we have added the final gallery on the page of Autumn Swansen – Summer Heat, where she’s out on the boat in a hot bikini!    Then, for some flexing fun, check out the clip of Brooke Walker added on the page of “Katie vs Brooke – Muscle Challenge at the Dungeon Gym“.

Two of the most impressive physique women in the last 10 yrs!   Only the finest in female muscle at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN TODAY!

Also – we just added ANOTHER new clip from last weekend in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – Nuggy is BACK after a 4 yr absence, and she is BIGGER and leaner than ever, having just competed in HW FBB at the 2022 North American Championships in Pittsburgh, PA!   Get it today and show ‘Nuggy some support!

Look at that perfect shape! Our final shoot with Autumn Swansen took place in the hot summer…. see the new gallery posted today by clicking here!

POWERFUL LEGS! Another NEW CLIP added in the re-emergence of the Beefnuggette Clips Studio! After a 4 yr absence, Nuggs is back with all new vids!

Ready for RIPPED? 2 New Clips & New Gallery of Brooke’s Leg Day in Contest Shape!

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Hey fellas….. there’s nothing better than seeing a gorgeous ripped blonde muscle machine in the gym!   And that’s what the folks at The Dungeon Pro Gym saw on the day when Brooke Walker, in ripped contest shape, showed up for Leg Day and some full body posing and flexing practice!    On the page entitled – Brooke’s Crazy Contest Prep Leg Day, you’ll see 2 new clips as well as a new photo gallery from that incredible day, just days out from the 2021 Phoenix Pro Show, where Brooke eventually won and punched her ticket to the Olympia.

Also, in other news….. we just finished several days of shoots with PremiumPhysiques athlete, Paige Sandgren (AKA – BEEFNUGGETTE), in ripped contest shape from her recent competition – the 2022 North Americans.   So, stay tuned for NEW STUFF coming right here at PremiumPhysiques, as well as a new clips coming to her Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – with the first clip coming TODAY!!!   Purchase it today and show your support for Nuggy!

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ALL NEW!!! For the first time since 2018 – BRAND NEW BEEFNUGGETTE in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!!! Get it today and show your support!

The MEGA-LONG LEGS of Super Amazon J-Hoff – 2 New Vids Added from the Dungeon Gym!

2 New Clips of the stunning 5’11” “Big Philly Cheesesteak” added in today’s update. JOIN NOW!

Fans of long powerful legs will certainly enjoy the 2 new clips added today at PremiumPhysiques!    On the page entitled “J-Hoff’s Leg Day in the Dungeon“, you’ll see every bit of those awesome leg muscles tested and flexed in the gym….. Quads, calves, hammies, and some all-around flexing…. all on a 5’11” Amazonian Blonde Monster!   There’s a reason she’s called the “Big Philly Cheesesteak”!!!   As one of the most exciting models to come around in recent years, HDP/PP is proud to be a 2022 sponsor of this incredible athlete, and we will bring you much more in the months ahead as she preps for her next show!

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ALL NEW PAGE Featuring Contest Shape Ultra-Ripped Julia!

HOLY MOLY! Julia is SHREDDED and massive! Look at those hammies and that back! JOIN TODAY for this amazing all-new page featuring Julia Champlin DiPompeo!

Super Shredded Olympian, and NEW IFBB Chicago Pro Figure Champion Julia Champlin-DiPompeo now has another NEW Page here at PremiumPhysiques from our recent indoor/outdoor shoot at Jakked Gym in Chicago!   On the new “J-Pomp at Jakked” page you’ll see the first 4 mega-muscled video clips, and the first 3 members area photo galleries, with much more of both to come!

Julia is going to be a threat to the top 5 at the Olympia.   Rarely do you find an athlete with such incredible shape and conditioning, and mature muscle, at such a young age.  Be on the lookout for much more coming to this new page!

Also, be sure to check out the latest vids of Julia Foery added over at HDPhysiques, as the incredible summer at HDP/PP continues!   Also, be sure to check out the new video of Cero Dos added at HDPhysiques.TV in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio!

Absolutely perfect! Julia has it all! JOIN NOW for much more!

Cero Dos has a NEW VIDEO in her “Katie Lee’s Peak Power Studio” at HDPhysiques.TV – get it today if you love big beefy muscles!

Ready for Some LEG POWER? Check out 2 New Clips of Kass G-Fit’s Mega-Meaty Wheels!

The CRAZY legs of Kass G – JOIN NOW for the page featuring this top wellness pro!

Hey fellas, we’ve got a tremendous update for the leg lovers here today!   Fans of muscled up gams of top Wellness Pros will no doubt appreciate the mega-muscle on display in today’s videos of Kass G-Fit in St. Louis.    Leading up to her win at the 2021 Chicago Pro, these clips show her mighty legs at their leanest and muscular best!    This tremendous day of shoots featured both SEXY Studio work, as well as some hardcore gym work, and this page features both segments.   Today’s 2 clips are gym work showcasing her mind-blowing glutes, hamstrings, and quads.  This is why the new IFBB Wellness division is so popular, folks.   Legs lovers will certainly enjoy the fact that these Wellness athletes focus 100% on lower body, building the most tremendous legs and glutes possible!    We plan to work with more Wellness models going forward so be prepared for more SUPER legs (and glutes) in the year ahead.   For instance, over at HDPhysiques, we’ll soon be featuring a shoot that we just had with 2022 Texas Pro Wellness Champ, Devyn Cambre – coming soon!

Thanks for joining PremiumPhysiques and showing your support!   Lots of great stuff on the way, including our next update featuring a new page of RIPPED Julia DiPompeo in contest shape from the Chicago Pro!

If you like Kass G here at PP, then be sure to check out HDPhysiques, too, where we’ll soon be featuring our new shoot with Texas Pro Wellness Champ, Devyn Cambre!