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Hey gang – it’s time for another GREAT update here at PremiumPhysiques!   Upper body fans are gonna dig this one – we’ve got the tremendous muscle models Hailey Wegner & Carli Terepka, both back for some muscle blasting upper body pump action.   First up, for fans of ripped conditioning and awesome vascularity, check out the contest shape clip of Hailey Wegner 2 – at WildHorse Gym.   Then, for the absolute hugest and biggest Carli mass muscle clips yet….. check out the page – Carli is HUGE – Summer 2022, as she visited Wild Horse in her offseason and pounded out some huge reps for arms, and then did lots of biceps and triceps flexing.   Two gorgeous blondes, doing their thing….. destroying HUGE weights in the gym and absolutely dominating!

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