NEW Clips of Kait Hart & Hailey “D Damn” Delf Added – JOIN NOW!

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If you’re a fan of HOT BLONDES – today is your update at PP!    First up, Hailey Delf, from her pro debut weekend in Long Beach…. a full body posing clip with a special emphasis on her amazing legs.   Check it out on the “Hailey Delf in Long Beach” page.   Then, next up, we’ve got another clip of the sensational Kaitie Hart…. and this time, she’s showing off that world class deep cup chest.  Get the new video today on the “Kaitie Hart at the Dungeon 2020, with Guest Brooke Walker“.

Enjoy this update and stay tuned for one on Monday the 27th with material from an all-new shoot!    Thank you for being a member of PremiumPhysiques!

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