NEW PAGE ADDED! Kaitie Hart & Brooke Walker in the Dungeon!!

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HUGE BICEPS and RIPPED CHEST!  Kaitie Hart is the newest addition to!   On the new Kaitie Hart in the Dungeon – with GUEST Brooke Walker page, you’ll see the first 3 galleries (more on the way) featuring both Kaitie Hart and PremiumPhysiques fan favorite, Brooklyn T. Walker, but also the first 4 of the AMAZING videos we shot in 4K resolution with the world famous HDPhysiques gimbal of peace & harmony!   You won’t believe the amount of muscle that Kaitie has put on since we last shot with her (on HDPhysiques) in 2018!   Now aiming for Women’s Physique AND figure (instead of just figure), the added muscle will most definitely be welcomed and applauded here at PremiumPhysiques!   With some “Katie Lee-shaped biceps” (just a lil smaller), and perhaps the best most ripped chest we’ve seen in a long time, Kaitie is no doubt going to join Katie Lee and Brooke Walker as instant fan favorites here at PremiumPhysiques!

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This could be the HOTTEST muscle duo to ever hit the internet! JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for Kaitie Hart with Brooke Walker!

If you want to see this dynamic duo square off in armwrestling, check out Brooke Walker’s Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – it’s EPIC!

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