NEW PAGE ADDED! – Katie Lee & Morgan Muscle Challenge 2

Look at how DEEP that chest is cut! Morgan giving Katie a run for her money in the chest department! JOIN NOW for Katie and Morgan flexin’ it up!

Summer HEAT is here!  And we’ve got a sizzlin’ HOT new event page added today, featuring a follow-up of an earlier partnership with Katie Lee & Morgan Payne…. from their series of shoots at the last Olympia.   On the new page called “Katie Lee & Morgan Payne Muscle Challenge 2020“, you’ll today see the first 4 videos and the first 2 photo galleries.   This part covers the final day of their 4 days of shoots in Vegas, and has TONS of supremely SEXY flexing.   Katie has her on size, of course…. but Morgan has some pretty incredible conditioning…. her chest flexing/pecs must be seen to be believed!   Add in some deep cut quads, some nicely shaped biceps, and Katie is gonna have a run for her money in this new muscle challenge!    Which girl is your preferred PremiumPhysiques superstar?

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Katie responds with her tremendous chest and delts in a display of power of her own! JOIN PremiumPhysiques now!

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