Now it's BICEPS day at!

Check out 3 massive arm clips of Tanya, Shannon, & new model Dani Reardon

3 new arm clips on the pages of Shannon Courtney in the Hot Pink Bikini, Tanya at the Fitness Vault, and the Lil Monstar, Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios. HUGE ripped biceps, pumping, posing, flexing, and working hard! I hope you are enjoying the new site, I sure am! Also, stay tuned for a HUGE new shoot of Shannon Courtney coming on Sunday afternoon/evening. Shannon in her most KILLER shape ever! Also, I’m shooting some new material of her this weekend, and also in April when Joe from HDPhysiques comes out to work with us… so it’s going to be an awesome several months ahead, just wait and see! As always, thank you for your continued support of my site and my goals. Have a great weekend everyone – Tanya