2 New Clips of HUGE and VASCULAR Hailey Added to the Members Area!

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Fans of BIG Meaty Hot Blondes are gonna love today’s update!  We’ve got an incredible 2 new clips added in the PremiumPhysiques members area featuring the stunningly beautiful and super ripped (contest shape) and massive, Hailey Wegner.  This was shot just a couple weeks before Hailey’s pro card winning show, and she’s in absolutely mind-blowing shape.  If you like huge ripped backs and powerfully peaked biceps, you’re gonna love these 2 new clips.   Head over to the page entitled “Hailey Wegner at Wild Horse” and download these 2 new clips today – ENJOY!

Also, remember to join PremiumPhysiques with an HDP/PP combo membership and enjoy the best of both HDPhysiques and Premium.   Over at HD, we recently added a new model page featuring 20-yr-old crossfit champion, Alex Gazan – tremendous strength!  Enjoy both sites and save with our monthly discount with the combo membership!

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Double Feature on Carli T today! Sensational Biceps and MORE!

NEW Carli Terepka here at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN NOW!

Today we’ve got a double feature on sponsored athlete Carli Terepka!  First up, from her pro card winning weekend, the final video from “Carli and her Yellow Bikini’s” from Pittsburgh.  Then, from her pro debut at the 2018 Tampa Pro Show, check out the Carli – Tampa 2 page.   Stay tuned for new Brooke Walker later this week!  Amazing new footage to come, exclusively here at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN TODAY!

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2 NEW Videos of SEXY Danielle Mastromatteo Flexing!

On the page of Danielle Mastromatteo – Beauty in Bellevue, you’ll find 2 new videos of Danielle flexing her powerful off-season physique from earlier this year during the Emerald Cup Weekend. We apologize for the delay in getting this update up on the site – unfortunately we had horrible internet connections while in Las Vegas covering the Olympia. The good news is, we were still working hard the whole time, getting new pics and vids of PremiumPhysiques favorites like Sara Butler, Katie Lee, Jamie Pinder, Autumn Swansen, and Brooke Walker! So, now that we are back, we will be resuming our regularly scheduled updates, and be bringing you fresh new content shortly! Thanks for your patience, and thanks for supporting!

New video added of some HUGE wide back flexing and more!

On the Fitness Vault 2 page, we have added a new video of Tanya flexing her thick, powerful, and WIDE back! Enjoy this great clip by joining today!

Autumn Swansen is STRONG – check out this new clip!

Check out the Stunning and SHREDDED Autumn Swansen page to see Autumn doing some amazing gym work – this girl is STRONG – JOIN TODAY!

Shannon Courtney – HUGE BACK workout clip added!

Shannon Courtney’s HUGE MUSCLES on video!

See an all new video of Shannon Courtney on the Shannon Courtney CRAZY STRONG back workout at Costa Mesa page! Shannon looks RIPPED and absolutely ENORMOUS in this clip – enjoy! – Tanya