Backstage at the STL Pro, Shannon in the Gym, and Dani Reardon's CRAZY abs!

3 more amazing clips added! BIG MUSCLE!

See new clips on the following 3 pages…. Shannon’s EXTREMELY RIPPED and Massive Back Workout, Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios, and me backstage at the St. Louis Pro, where you’ll see an absolutely HUGE Marnie Holley! Thanks for joining, your support means a lot! New shoots coming up for me in just 11 days. Stay tuned for a brand new me! – Tanya

Biceps, Triceps, Chest, and Quads – video update

Today, see new videos on the pages of Culver City 2, where I flex abs, biceps, triceps, and quads. Then, another new clip on the page for phenomenal 23-year-old WPD Pro, Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios Enjoy this hot update – more vids and galleries coming Thursday and Saturday! – Tanya

Now it's BICEPS day at!

Check out 3 massive arm clips of Tanya, Shannon, & new model Dani Reardon

3 new arm clips on the pages of Shannon Courtney in the Hot Pink Bikini, Tanya at the Fitness Vault, and the Lil Monstar, Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios. HUGE ripped biceps, pumping, posing, flexing, and working hard! I hope you are enjoying the new site, I sure am! Also, stay tuned for a HUGE new shoot of Shannon Courtney coming on Sunday afternoon/evening. Shannon in her most KILLER shape ever! Also, I’m shooting some new material of her this weekend, and also in April when Joe from HDPhysiques comes out to work with us… so it’s going to be an awesome several months ahead, just wait and see! As always, thank you for your continued support of my site and my goals. Have a great weekend everyone – Tanya

Dani Reardon – the “Lil Monstar” – is HUGE and RIPPED!

Dani Reardon recently finished 2nd at the HDPhysiques Women’s Physique Championship at the 1st Phorm St. Louis Pro Show, March 8th, 2014.  It’s my honor and pleasure to feature her as a guest model here on my site. Joe from HDP and I got together with her the Sunday after the show and knocked out an incredible shoot with her at Evocative Studios in St. Louis, getting plenty of SIZZLIN’ HOT photos and video clips to keep members happy for a long time!  This is one sensational physique, folks! And she’s only 23 years old?  That’s crazy! Enjoy, and thank you for joining the new!

Upper-Body Muscle Flexing – Tanya Hyde & Dani Reardon

Powerful biceps, thick strong back, and more!

New videos on the pages of Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page and Tanya at Evocative Studios. These are some hot and sexy upper body posing clips, so enjoy!  Busy doing shoots this weekend in SoCal – coming soon to the site, so stay tuned for some awesome new content! – Tanya

Massive legs, HUGE biceps, and more! – 3 new videos added

Sexy new videos of Dani Reardon, Shannon Courtney, and more!

See a new video of Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page where she’s flexing her enormous biceps, triceps, and abs. Then another new vid on the Tanya and Tara at Illinois Gym – Sexy Legwork page, and then finally, one of the hottest quads flexing clip you’ll ever see – Shannon Courtney flexing her enormous ripped moneymakers on the Shannon Courtney at iWink Studios page. Thank you for supporting me and my guest models by joining! – Tanya

New videos of Tanya, Tara Suzanne, and the Amazing Dani Reardon

Hot Gymwork and Sexy Muscle Posing by Some of Your Female Muscle Favorites!

Today, see more videos on the page for Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page, featuring her amazingly thick biceps, delts, and chest, then an awesomely huge muscle posing video by Tara Suzanne on the Tara and Tanya Sexy Gymwork 2 page, and a clip of me doing some triceps work on the Shannon and Tanya’s HardCore Lifting page. Thanks for supporting me and my friends by joining Your support is truly appreciate as I prepare for these upcoming shows and shoots! – Tanya

More Exclusive Content from the St. Louis Pro & Dani Reardon

Jill Dearmin, Marnie Holley, Misty Ali and more from the St. Louis Pro!

Enjoy a killer new clip of the Lil Monstar quad flapping her sexy legs on the Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page. Then see some backstage footage of some of the hottest ladies in Womens’ Physique on the 2014 St. Louis Pro Show page. Wait til you see the 3 new sexy clips coming on Saturday! Fun times at, and only 1 week til my new shoots with Coach Shannon, so thank you for joining the site. I hope you are enjoying it! – Tanya

3 Phenomenal videos added – RIPPED MUSCLES!

New videos of my quads, calves, and Dani Reardon & Shannon Courtney – HUGE and RIPPED!

JOIN today for fresh new clips of Shannon Courtney’s EXTREMELY HUGE back, Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios looking FREAKIN RIPPED, and my Evocative Studios Shoot flexing the BTM’s – my big quads and calves! Also, another new members photo gallery added to the page for the Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page. Enjoy this awesome update! More coming later this week! – Tanya

The lil Monstar Dani Reardon Flexing at Evocative Studios

See a powerful new clip of the stunningly gorgeous Dani Reardon flexing her awesome muscles on the Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page!  Dani just packs muscle onto that perfectly shaped frame of hers…. what a physique! More pics and vids coming on Monday – have a great weekend, everyone! – Tanya