New Erin Twiggs SUPER RIPPED CALVES video added!

Twiggy got some stems! Check out the ULTRA SHREDDED Erin Twiggs page for jaw dropping levels of leg detail. Simply ripped and shredded beyond belief!

2 new amazing biceps videos added – Erin Twiggs & Tanya – POWERFUL!

If you’re a fan of biceps, you’ll love today’s video update featuring Erin Twiggs and Tanya L. Hyde. First see Tanya pumping up her arms then flexing those massive biceps on the Katie Lee and Tanya at AussieFit Gym in Columbus Ohio page. Then, see the ULTRA SHREDDED Erin Twiggs looking all kinds of sexy as she flexes those ripped arms.

ULTRA SHREDDED – New Erin Twiggs Video Plus Katie Lee’s BICEPS!

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3 New Vids of Erin Twiggs and Tanya added – Join PremiumPhysiques!

Today, PremiumPhysiques has added 3 new videos to the members section. First, see 2 vids of Tanya Hyde sculpting her amazing quads from the Shannon Courtney and Tanya at Iron Gym shoot page. Then, see the ULTRA-SHREDDED and VASCULAR Erin “Twiggy” Twiggs, showing off her super lean delts and biceps. Striations everywhere! JOIN PREMIUM PHYSIQUES today and start enjoying the finest ladies of muscle!