Powerful Shannon works her legs then flexes the quads and calves!

2 New Videos of RIPPED Muscle Girls in the Gym!

Enormously muscular Shannon does some squats, then flexes her HUGE quads and calves as only Shannon can! See this new clip on the Tanya and Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym page! Also, see the final clip on the Tara Suzanne & Tanya – Sexy Legs Gymwork page where I am flexing in near contest shape from 2013! And here’s the BIG announcement! – Stay tuned for another AMAZING new guest model coming this week Wednesday! Thanks for your support everyone, it means a lot to me! – Tanya

Hot Muscles! – Posing and Flexing Biceps, Legs and More!

Thong Bikini Gallery Added from Laguna Beach, plus HUGE muscle pumps from Iron Gym and Fashion Island!

Hey guys! Today, see two new videos – one on the Tanya and Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym page, and another HUGE BICEPS clip from the Fashion Island Bridge Shoot. Also, how about a hot thong bikini from Laguna Beach??? That’s right! Join today for this awesome update! – Enjoy! – Tanya