Now it's BICEPS day at!

Check out 3 massive arm clips of Tanya, Shannon, & new model Dani Reardon

3 new arm clips on the pages of Shannon Courtney in the Hot Pink Bikini, Tanya at the Fitness Vault, and the Lil Monstar, Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios. HUGE ripped biceps, pumping, posing, flexing, and working hard! I hope you are enjoying the new site, I sure am! Also, stay tuned for a HUGE new shoot of Shannon Courtney coming on Sunday afternoon/evening. Shannon in her most KILLER shape ever! Also, I’m shooting some new material of her this weekend, and also in April when Joe from HDPhysiques comes out to work with us… so it’s going to be an awesome several months ahead, just wait and see! As always, thank you for your continued support of my site and my goals. Have a great weekend everyone – Tanya

2 hot gym clips, and Shannon Courtney on the Beach

Clips added today on the pages of Shannon & Tanya training at Club Metrx, Shannon Courtney at Clearwater Beach, FL, and Powerhouse Gym 4. Enjoy these fun new clips today! And stay tuned for lots of hot new content coming to Joe from HDPhysiques has been here for the past few days getting some hot new pics and vids for the site! – Tanya

New vids of Hanna Hallman and Shannon Courtney added!

Guest Models Hanna Hallman & Shannon Courtney – new vids added!

Hey guys – see the new vids I just added featuring the amazing Hanna Hallman at Laguna Beach, and massive FBB Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym. I hope you enjoy these awesome vids – Much more on the way, so stay tuned! – Tanya

Videos added of Shannon's Huge Arms and more!

Clips added to the pages of Shannon Courtney in the Hot Pink Bikini, and my Serious lifting at Powerhouse Gym shoot from last year. Doing new shoots today, folks – I’m just 4 weeks out from my show and feeling great! Thank you for your support! – Tanya

Do you like HUGE biceps & back? Check out these new videos from me & Shannon Courtney!

If you like HUGE biceps and Shannon Courtney’s MASSIVE back, JOIN TF today!

2 pretty awesome clips added today folks! First, see Shannon Courtney at Club Metrx working her ENORMOUS and POWERFUL back! She looks insane here! And then if you like how BIG my biceps got in 2014, take a look at this clip on the Fashion Island Bridge Shoot, where these guns had a HUGE pump – full and vascular! Hope you enjoy these sexy clips! Lots going on here at as I plan out 2015… we’ve got many special shoots on the way, so thanks for joining! Stay tuned! – Tanya

Massive legs, HUGE biceps, and more! – 3 new videos added

Sexy new videos of Dani Reardon, Shannon Courtney, and more!

See a new video of Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page where she’s flexing her enormous biceps, triceps, and abs. Then another new vid on the Tanya and Tara at Illinois Gym – Sexy Legwork page, and then finally, one of the hottest quads flexing clip you’ll ever see – Shannon Courtney flexing her enormous ripped moneymakers on the Shannon Courtney at iWink Studios page. Thank you for supporting me and my guest models by joining! – Tanya

Clips From the Blonde Trio Shoot, Fitness Vault and More!

3 new LONG clips added – Blonde Trio, Fitness Vault, and Shannon Courtney at Metrx Gym

Hey folks, see the 3 new videos added today. 1 each on the pages of Tanya, Shannon, and Rikki Smead – the Blonde Trio, Shannon’s EXTREMELY RIPPED and Massive Back Workout, and The Fitness Vault Workout! These are long clips with awesome muscle popping footage – enjoy! More videos and photos coming later this week, and we’re getting ready to shoot hot new footage of me and Shannon together this weekend, so stay tuned! Thank you for Joining! kicks off December 2014 with 2 PHENOMENAL biceps videos!

ULTRA HOT BICEPS! Shannon Courtney and Tanya!

See incredible new clips of powerful biceps on the Tanya and Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym page, where Shannon is looking ENORMOUS, and then one of me from Fort Lauderdale Beach, flexing my big guns in the hot Florida sun on a windy day! We are finishing out the year STRONG here at, and look forward to an UNBELIEVABLE year ahead in 2015, with much more hot content to come! Thanks for joining and showing your support! – Tanya

3 Phenomenal videos added – RIPPED MUSCLES!

New videos of my quads, calves, and Dani Reardon & Shannon Courtney – HUGE and RIPPED!

JOIN today for fresh new clips of Shannon Courtney’s EXTREMELY HUGE back, Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios looking FREAKIN RIPPED, and my Evocative Studios Shoot flexing the BTM’s – my big quads and calves! Also, another new members photo gallery added to the page for the Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page. Enjoy this awesome update! More coming later this week! – Tanya

Shannon Courtney – HUGE BACK workout clip added!

Shannon Courtney’s HUGE MUSCLES on video!

See an all new video of Shannon Courtney on the Shannon Courtney CRAZY STRONG back workout at Costa Mesa page! Shannon looks RIPPED and absolutely ENORMOUS in this clip – enjoy! – Tanya