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Ready for Julia Foery’s MASSIVE Leg Day?

Fans of enormous legs – diamond shaped gigantic calves, and thick meaty powerful thighs…. you’re gonna love the new clips on the page of Julia Foery at Wild Horse Fitness.  Looking huge and ripped, in-between 2 different bodybuilding shows, Julia trains hard and shows off her powerful physique like never before.  PremiumPhysiques is definitely the […]

K8’s Biceps EXPLOSION! Ready for Some PERFECT Big Ass Arms?

Today we’ve added 2 more clips to the awesome page called “K8’s Die Hard Shoot” – when earlier this year, Kait Hart dressed up in her “Die Hard” T-Shirt outfit and knocked out an incredible shoot with PremiumPhysiques, flexing and showing off those incredible biceps.  You won’t believe the impressive size, and more importantly, the […]