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2 New Clips of Kass G Added – Absolutely MASSIVE Legs and Glutes!

MASSIVE Meat Grinders! Join now for the stunning legs of Kass G-Fit!

HOT VIDS added!   We’ve added the final 2 clips to the page of Kass Gillis in the Studio and Dungeon – where she was in ultra-ripped show-winning shape, and featuring those enormously powerful huge sexy quads and glutes.   This was shot literally just 2-3 days before her win at the Chicago Pro, qualifying her for the Olympia.  So, you can believe her skin was super tight, zero bodyfat, and muscular as hell!   Tremendous muscularity, amazing conditioning, and sexy moves in the studio….. what more could you ask for!    Join PremiumPhysiques now and don’t miss any of it!

And also, be sure to join with the HDP/PP combo membership.   Over at, we just added a fresh new page from an Olympia shoot with the top IFBB Figure Pro, Bojana Vasiljevic 3!    She’s a muscular powerhouse that you gotta see to believe!  When you join with the HDP/PP Combo membership you’ll save $8.00/month, plus get the best of BOTH sites!

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Members Area Update Featuring Katie Lee, Jess Hoffman, & Julia DiPompeo!

NEW Gallery of Katie Lee at Wild Horse Fitness – JOIN TODAY for more!

Hey Premium Members, we’ve got a nice update for you today with another one coming in a few days.   This one featuring 3 different models, all with very different shapes and looks!    First up, for some CONTEST SHAPE super lean muscle, we’ve got the ripped mega-quads of Julia DiPompeo on the page called “J-Pomp at Jakked Gym” – see a video of tremendous quads training following by some amazing posing!    Then next up, for a MASSIVE off-season mass gaining stage, check out the video of the ENORMOUS “J-Hoff” (Jessica Hoffman) on the page entiteld “J-Hoff – Big Physical Specimen“.   Absolutely enormous biceps, back, and more!    And finally, for some hot photos, see some outdoor shots of Katie Lee from Wild Horse Fitness, flexing the worlds greatest arms.

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Look at this absolute specimen of a BEAST! J-Pomp is crushin’ the weights at JAKKED Gym in the latest clips. JOIN NOW!

Brooke in 2 Different Styles – RIPPED Contest Shape and Massive Offseason!

Massive back and biceps, plus legs are featured in today’s clips – JOIN NOW for Brooke!

Today we show a “Before and After” like never before.   In both of the highlighted clips in today’s update, Brooklyn T Walker trains legs and then does some posing.   But the difference is….. this shows you the difference between “off-season” (before prep) and “contest shape” (just a week before the Olympia).  One extreme to the other.   In the first clip, Brooke trains legs at PHG MD, and you’ll see her massive size and strength in a super sexy outfit.   This was shot in April of last year when Brooke joined HDPhysiques on our annual DelMarVa shoot trip.   Months before she started her Olympia prep, and she is thick and meaty!    And then, in the 2nd clip, it’s from the SudaFit Gym Shoot, shot just a week before the 2023 Olympia.   Here, she is shredded to the EXTREME.  You can see every vascular detail thru her paper-thin skin.   It is really a sight to behold, folks.   Watch these 2 clips back to back and see what you think!

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Glorious Glutes! It’s leg day at PHG MD and Brooke dressed very appropriately! JOIN NOW for this amazing page with much more to come!

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NEW PAGE ADDED – The Incredible Massive Bodybuilder and Model, Beefnuggette on a Sunny Day!

NUGGS is both gorgeous AND powerful! JOIN PremiiumPhysiques now for this amazing new page of thrilling muscle girl content!

We’ve got an awesome new page to launch today, featuring “Paige” herself…..  the incredible Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren.    On the new page entitled “Nuggs on a Sunny Day“, we follow Beefnuggette around Irvine CA where she is flexing her massively muscular and lean physique in the hot summer sun!   The first 3 videos are up and the first 2 members area photo galleries are also posted, to start off the page, with much more on the way!

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2 More IMPRESSIVE Ultra-Ripped Contest Shape Videos Added Featuring Brooke Walker!

Brooke is literally perfect. A sculpted work of art! See the 2 new videos added from this shoot in today’s update!

In a truly remarkable update, we’ve got 2 new clips of Brooklyn T Walker where she is in ultra-freaky contest shape right before the Olympia.   On the page entitled Brooked – Shredded to the EXTREME, you’ll see the 2 new clips…. one with amazing full body posing, and another focused on those enormous vascular biceps!    It’s a GREAT day to be a member at PremiumPhysiques!

Also, be sure to check out the latest at HDPhysiques.TV – Beefnuggette just released a brand new video where she is looking HUGE and vascular too!   Fans of freaky veiny biceps will love this one.   Get it today in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Over in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, a tremendous NEW Biceps Blasting flexing video that you gotta see!

J-Pomp – HUGE and ULTRA Ripped! Check out These New Clips!

Such a PERFECT physique! Ripped, peaked, and POWERFUL! JOIN NOW for NEW Julia clips and galleries!

It’s time for some more CONTEST SHAPE ultra-ripped “J-Pomp”…. that’s right….. the biggest, leanest, most sexy muscled IFBB Pro Figure Competitor…. Julia “J-Pomp” DiPompeo!    On the page entitled “Julia – MegaPower – Olympia Prep” as she was just 2 weeks out from the Olympia, we’ve got 2 new clips that fans of biceps in particular are going to enjoy.   But it’s not just biceps….. the 2nd clip has full body posing too, which is simply phenomenal.   You won’t believe how thin-skinned and vascular this muscular powerhouse was on the day of this shoot.   Thanks for joining PremiumPhysiques and enjoying this phenomenal content!

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Amanda “Ko-Hottie” Kohatsu is the latest model added at HDPhysiques – Look at those massive ripped quads! JOIN NOW with the HDP/PP combo membership to get the best of BOTH sites and save $8.00/month!

BIG TIME Muscle Update! Cero Dos Katie Lee & Big Beefnuggette in Ripped Contest Shape!

Mind-blowing phenomenal muscle – join now for the NEW videos on Beefnuggettes Dec 22 page!

A tremendous PremiumPhysiques update for you today folks!   While much of the USA is freezing cold and experiencing snow and ice storms, this update will no doubt warm you up with some sizzlin’ hot scorchin’ footage!    First up, another massive BICEPS gallery of Katie “Cero Dos” Lee has been added on the page entitled “Cero Dos at WHF Gym“.    Dos flexing her massive guns never gets old…. and this particular gallery, outdoors in the sun, shows off those powerpeaks with incredible precision!

Next up, for fans of CONTEST SHAPE ripped muscle, check out the 2 new clips added on the page of BeefyNuggs Ripped Contest Shape – Dec 2022.  Right before she competed in the 2022 Amateur Olympia.   Her massive arms and back are freaking HUGE, and we’ve got some killer close-ups in these awesome video clips!

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Awesome Update Featuring Katie “Cero Dos” Lee & Brooklyn Walker – Amazing Vids & Galleries!

2 NEW Galleries added featuring Cero Dos and her massive 17″ers!

We have an update today featuring the two most popular PremiumPhysiques models of all time….. Brooklyn T Walker, and Katie “Cero Dos” Lee!    First up, on the recently added offseason page featuring Brooke’s Leg Day at PHG MD, we’ve got our good friend Torry working hammies and glutes and doing some serious quad flexing as she’s putting on her most impressive muscle size ever!

Next up, also from that Maryland trip, we’ve got Katie Lee in 2 awesome photo galleries from PHG-MD as well, but we added these on the recently added page of “Katie Lee at Wild Horse Fitness” simply because we didn’t want to create an all-new page just for 2 galleries.  But nevertheless, the 2 galleries added are SIZZLIN hot and shows Katie pumping those massive 17″ guns like never before.   Just tremendous muscle!

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Glorious Glutes! It’s leg day at PHG MD and Brooke dressed very appropriately! JOIN NOW for this amazing page with much more to come!

Phenomenal Fitness Pro Amanda Ciani now available over at HDPhysiques! Join with the HDP/PP combo membership today to save $8.00/month!

MASSIVE K8, and Shredded Brooklyn! Who Ya Like in Today’s Update?

One of the most beautiful PP models of all time – the gorgeous K8 Hart! JOIN NOW for the latest massive biceps clip of K8!

Today we have an update featuring the 2 hot blondes who first met in 2019, when K8 interviewed Brooke at the St Louis Pro Show.   They then met up again in early 2020, before the bullshit Covid Pandemic hit, when K8 was in near-contest shape preparing for a pro qualifier, and the 2 had their awesome armwrestling matchup which is now considered an all-time great classic, and can be found in Brooke’s Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV.   So, you know today’s update is gonna be good with these 2 involved!   First, to add onto the recently added event page featuring “Brooke – Olympia Ripped at SudaFit Gym“, we’ve got another 2 minute feature of Brooke blasting legs with the most amazingly thin skin and vascularity that you’ve ever seen on her!

And next up, we’ve got K8 in an absolutely MASSIVE off-season (but still pretty nice and lean!) shape from our famous “K8 – The Die Hard Shoot” production from early last year.   This clip truly shows off how enormous her back, lats, delts, and biceps are.   WOW – she is truly a monster!   You simply gotta see the power in this clip – her body is out of control amazing!

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Brooke works her leanest legs yet in the latest clip added on the SudaFit Gym page – JOIN PremiumPhysiques NOW!

NEW PAGE ADDED – Olympia Shredded n Ripped – Brooke at SudaFit!

Brooke looking MASSIVE and SUPER CHISELED! Join today for the new Brooke page at SudaFit gym!

We’ve got a VERY special new page to start the year here at PremiumPhysiques!   If you want to see Brooke at her BIGGEST and BEST yet, you’ve got to see the latest page called “Brooke – O-Shredded at SudaFit” from SudaFit Gym in Largo, FL.    Yes, we all know that Brooke has been ultra-impressive going on 8-9 yrs now….  BUT….. and this is a BIG BUT……  you’ve never seen her like this before!   Right before she competed in her 3rd straight Olympia (where she for the 3rd straight year finished in the top 5), this video show about a week or so before the event, shows Brooke in a level of conditioning that is truly jaw-dropping.   You won’t believe your eyes!

The new page has the first 3 videos posted, along with 2 stunningly photo galleries in the members area.   JOIN PremiumPhysiques today and enjoy the BEST in female muscle!   Remember to join with the HDPhysiques/PP combo membership and save up to $8.00/month!

Brooke more SHREDDED than ever! Get the new pics and vids on the latest page added – Brooke – O-Shredded at SudaFit Gym – JOIN NOW!