NEW EVENT PAGE ADDED! New Brooke Ripped Olympian Shape at the Beach!

At her MOST RIPPED. At her BIGGEST. Brooke simply at her BEST! Join PremiumPhysiques NOW for the amazing new galleries in the members section from Pass-a-Grille Beach!

We’ve got an AWESOME update for you to kick off Cyber Monday here at PremiumPhysiques!   We’ve got a brand new page featuring the Marilyn Monroe of Muscle, the Arkansas Ranger herself, the lovely Brooklyn T Walker from Pass-a-Grille Beach in St Petersburg FL, with galleries of amazing photos shot right before the 2023 Olympia just 3 weeks ago.   We’ve got the first 3 galleries up on the “Brooke 2023 at Pass-A-Grille Beach” page, with 3 more to come, and you’ll be blown away by her JAW-DROPPING razor sharp conditioning!   Always known for her deep-cut washboard abs…. this time, they are on an all new level!   Then, her detailed quads, massive back, delts, and biceps….all at an all-time great mark.  You’ve got to see these amazing pics to believe it!

We’ve also added a CONTEST SHAPE video clip of Beefnuggette – Ripped Contest Shape from prior to the 2022 Amateur Olympia.   Her arms are simply MASSIVE!   Speaking of which….. be sure to check out the new MEASUREMENTS clip in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio, where she and Carli Terepka take turns taking measurements of their massive muscles!   You’ll definitely wanna grab that too, and show Beefynuggs some support!

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Carli and Beefnuggette take turns measuring each others MASSIVE muscles – Get the new clip at HDPhysiques.TV in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio!

2 New Clips of Brooklyn Torrance in ULTRA Shredded Olympia Shape!

Brooke is literally perfect. A sculpted work of art! See the 2 new videos added from this shoot in today’s update!

Fans of the MOST extreme definition in female muscle, you’ll love the 2 new clips added today featuring 3x Olympian Brooklyn T Walker from Pack Animal Fitness.   The 2 new clips are added on the page called “Brooke – Shredded to the EXTREME” – and you’ll notice her back, shoulders, biceps and more and just absolutely poppin!   Plus another hot update coming over Thanksgiving weekend in a few days.  You’re gonna be astonished at the HOT muscle on the way!

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New Vid of Big Philly, NEW PAGE of Katie Lee Galleries Flexin’ HUGE!

Katie’s Massive Biceps are better than ever! JOIN NOW for the new page of Katie Lee “Cero Dos” galleries!

We’ve got a HOT update for you today folks, with more on the way later this week.   First up for video, we’ve added a nice clip of Jessica “Big Philly Cheesesteak” Hoffman on the page of “J-Hoff – Big Physical Specimen“…. where Jess works her huge wide back and then does some hot back and biceps posing.  Impressive.  That’s all we can say.  Just flat out IMPRESSIVE!

Next up, a new event page created for Katie Lee at Wild Horse Fitness!   This photos only shoot features Katie flexing those serious gunz that she is world famous for!   One outdoor, plus two indoor galleries added in today’s update, with much more on the way!   Also, remember to check out all the great stuff at Katie’s Clips Store at HDPhysiques.TV – dating back to 2014 and still going strong.   We will be shooting more with her soon, so be on the lookout both at HDPhysiques.TV, and PremiumPhysiques!

Powerful Amazon, the Big Philly Cheesesteak, Jess Hoffman – NEW VIDEO ADDED – JOIN PremiumPhysiques now!

INCREDIBLE Vids and Photos of Massive Julia Foery & Jess The Big Philly Cheesesteak!

New VIDS on the page of massive FBB, gorgeous Blonde, Julia Foery!

We’ve got a HOT update for you today here at PremiumPhysiques, folks!    First, we apologize for the length between updates.   We were at the Olympia, and then caught the head cold that everyone there seemed to have.  So, been recovering and trying to get going these past couple of days.   Thanks for your patience.

In today’s update, you’ll be THRILLED with the HOT videos of Julia Foery, on the page entitled Julia Foery at Wild Horse Fitness.   If biceps and huge backs are your thing…. your mind will be blown by these hot clips!

Then, for some amazing photo galleries, check out Jess, the “Big Philly Cheesesteak” on the page entitled “J-Hoff in Orlando” – where we shot last year right after she competed in the amateur Olympia, narrowly missing a pro card.  She is one HUGE amazon that is full of HOT muscle!

Also, be sure to check out the latest SIZZLIN’ HOT supermodel added over at the parent site, – we added the gorgeous Figure Olympian Stephanie Gibson – OMG she is just PERFECT!!!   Remember to join with our COMBO MEMBERSHIP where you can save up to $8.00/month while you get the best of BOTH sites, Premium and HD!

TALL AMAZON – the “Big Philly Cheesesteak” now has 2 more galleries added to her “J-Hoff in Orlando” page. JOIN PP now!

Stunningly gorgeous – the awesome figure Olympian Steph “Gibby” Gibson now available at HDPhysiques! Join with our combo membership so that you don’t miss a thing at both Premium and HD Physiques! Join today!

NEW EVENT PAGE Featuring 3x Olympian Brooke Walker – LEGS & GLUTES!

Glorious Glutes! It’s leg day at PHG MD and Brooke dressed very appropriately! JOIN NOW for this amazing new page with much more to come!

Earlier this year when we visited Maryland and our favorite gym, Powerhouse Gym in Hanover, MD…..  Brooke had a chance to get in a HUGE leg day workout and photo/video shoot here at PremiumPhysiques.    We got lots of massive muscle building powerful lifts, plus some sexy flexing and posing, as only Brooke can deliver!    On the brand new event page….  Brookes Leg Day at PHG MD, you’ll see the first 3 videos now posted, along with the first 2 members area photo galleries.   Trust me folks, you don’t want to miss these!   At her all-time biggest size, right before starting her Olympia prep, you’ll see Brooke looking SWOLE and HOT AF.   Thanks for joining PremiumPhysiques!

Remember to also check out the Brooke Walker Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – she just posted an upper body clip from her weekend in Shreveport earlier this summer as well.   A perfectly muscled upper AND lower body sensation!   Show Brooke your support by purchasing her clips today!

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Remember to check out Brooke’s Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – she just released an awesome upperbody posing and pumping video – you gotta see it!

AWESOME Update Featuring Carli T, Kass G, & Julia DiPompeo – JOIN the Members Area NOW!!!

ALL NEW Gallery of Carli at her biggest size ever! JOIN PP today!

Hey gang – we’ve got a HOT and thrilling update today here at PremiumPhysiques!   First up, for the leg fans, you’re gonna LOVE the enormous quads of Kass Gillis pumping out some reps on the leg extension machine at the Dungeon Gym.   Check out the new clip on the page entitled “Kass G-Fit in the Studio and Dungeon“.

Next up, for fans of BICEPS…. and we are talking seriously RIPPED, veiny, and peaked biceps…… you’re gonna be jaw-dropped at the newest video of Julia DiPompeo at Jakked Gym.  This clip was shot last year, in between her Chicago Pro win and her Olympia appearance.  So, obviously, she’s in tremendous shape, and this is a clip you don’t want to miss!

And finally….  if you prefer Offseason MASS MUSCLE…. wow, you’ll never believe the final gallery added to the page of Carli and Danielle at Venice Beach.   Gallery 4 is filled with new pics of Carli at her most massive size ever, and OMG does she look spectacular or what!!!

Thank you for JOINING PremiumPhysiques to see all these amazing models!   Much more to come!   Plus, check out the tremendous armwrestling video of Emily Nosler in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!    Impressive muscle power!

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Beautiful Emily Nosler with an awesome new armwrestling match in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – get it today and show Em your support!

Insanely RIPPED! – New Brooke Vids in Olympia Contest Shape & New Beefnuggette Gallery!

Brooke is literally perfect. A sculpted work of art! See the 2 new videos added from this shoot in today’s update!

Fans of SUPREMELY RIPPED female competitors are gonna love today’s 2 video update of Brooke Walker in Olympia shape!    On the page entitled “Brooke – Shredded to the EXTREME“, you’ll see how crazy vascular and ripped Brooke was prior to last year’s Olympia.   As the captions say on the page…. in these 2 videos, one of them features her huge biceps looking extremely vascular…. and the other clip, despite working upper body, her legs steal the show, with their extreme definition and cuts.  Simply put – you’ve gotta see it to believe it!

Additionally – for more RIPPED female muscle, we’ve added another gallery on the page of Beefnuggette in STL 2022 Contest Shape!    This was Nugg’s return to the stage after a 5 year layoff.    Massively muscular, super ripped, and totally gorgeous!   See the new gallery today!

Be sure to JOIN PremiumPhysiques with the PP/HDP Combo membership and save up to $8.00/month, while enjoying the best of BOTH sites!   Over at HDPhysiques, we just added new model Ana Harias – a top Womens Physique Olympian competitor!

ALL NEW Gallery of Beefnuggette added – click here to check it out!

Over at HDPhysiques, NEW MODEL, Olympian Ana Harias! Join with the PP/HDP combo membership today and save $8.00/month!

New Clips of the MASSIVE Amazon J-Hoff Added to the Members Area – JOIN PP Today!

Powerful Amazon, the Big Philly Cheesesteak, Jess Hoffman – NEW PAGE – JOIN PremiumPhysiques now!

Hey fellas – it’s a great day to be a member here at PremiumPhysiques!    Fans of BIG AMAZON thoroughbred athletes are gonna love today’s update featuring “J-Hoff” – aka the “Big Philly Cheesesteak”.   Approaching 6′ tall, it’s quite impressive how much muscle J-Hoff has been added to such a long and tall frame.   She truly is an amazon.   On the page of “J-Hoff – Big Physical Specimen“, you’ll see her 2 latest clips of jaw-dropping hot muscle flexing and action in the gym.   First, J-Hoff trains back and then does some posing to show off how wide she truly is.   That’s a hard thing for such a tall woman, but she pulls it off perfectly.   Next up, for those big beefy biceps, J-Hoff does some biceps work, then flexes those massive suckers and makes sure you’re satisfied with those power-packed peaks.   Check it out!

Thanks for joining PremiumPhysiques!   Remember, you can save up to $8.00/month by joining with the PP/HDP combo membership (just opt-in for the add-on to HDPhysiques when signing up for PP).   We recently released new model Courtney Ryan, and have another very special model coming up in our next HDP update!   Also don’t forget the HDP.TV clips store, where we just released an incredible new BEEFNUGGETTE video in ripped contest shape!  Show her your support today!

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The MASSIVE arms of Beefnuggette now available in the latest video in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – get it today and show your support!

Ready for Julia Foery’s MASSIVE Leg Day?

New VIDS on the page of massive FBB, gorgeous Blonde, Julia Foery!

Fans of enormous legs – diamond shaped gigantic calves, and thick meaty powerful thighs…. you’re gonna love the new clips on the page of Julia Foery at Wild Horse Fitness.  Looking huge and ripped, in-between 2 different bodybuilding shows, Julia trains hard and shows off her powerful physique like never before.  PremiumPhysiques is definitely the place to be if you’re a fan of BLONDES with CRAZY big muscles!

Thank you for joining PremiumPhysiques!   Be sure to check out PP athlete, Brooke Walker’s latest video in her clips studio over at HDPhysiques.TV!   Brooke continues to grow and transform into one of the hottest biggest muscle girls around!

Fans of PremiumPhysiques athlete Brooke Walker will LOVE the new clip in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV, the female muscle store! Get it today and show her your support!

K8’s Biceps EXPLOSION! Ready for Some PERFECT Big Ass Arms?

Check it out! ALL NEW K8 Hart vids on the page of her “Die Hard” shoot page!

Today we’ve added 2 more clips to the awesome page called “K8’s Die Hard Shoot” – when earlier this year, Kait Hart dressed up in her “Die Hard” T-Shirt outfit and knocked out an incredible shoot with PremiumPhysiques, flexing and showing off those incredible biceps.  You won’t believe the impressive size, and more importantly, the SHAPE….. with peaks that will remind you of Katie Lee’s EPIC biceps.  K8 was one of our most impressive new finds in the past 5 years, and she’s always eager to flex and pose for her PremiumPhysiques fans!

Plus, don’t forget to head over to HDPhysiques.TV and check out another fellow PremiumPhysiques athlete, as Carli recently added a MASSIVE offseason (yet still lean!) CANDID video in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio – don’t miss it!   Pick it up and show your support!

Top quality – GORGEOUS female muscle! Join PP today for the lovely K8 Hart!

NEW in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – a MASSIVE offseason and lean muscle flexing and gym blast video!