Like MONSTER Muscular Arms? New Vids of Katie Lee & Hailey Wegner Added!

Katie Lee flexing her ENORMOUS biceps alongside the Missouri River. Check out the new clip added on that page by clicking here!

BIG ASS ARMS update today here at PremiumPhysiques!   It’s a great day to be a MEMBER at PremiumPhysiques!   We’ve got 2 new clips featuring some of the thickest meatiest muscular arms around!   First up, on the “Katie Lee Flexes on the MO River” page, see the final clip added on that page where Katie flexes her extremely powerful upper body as the river flows by.  Nobody has size and strength like this!

Then, HUGE Blonde Hailey Wegner, on the page of “Hailey Wegner in the Dungeon” – you’ll see Hailey blast her monster triceps like nobody’s bidness!   The size and thickness is simply astonishing.   You won’t believe the strength and size and how physically imposing she is.   Literally a walking specimen of female muscle.

Also, be sure to check out the latest clips at the HDPhysiques Clips Store…… in the Brooke Walker and Carli Terepka Clips Studio, you’ll see 2 recently added videos with both girls in totally RIPPED contest shape!   You can’t beat this level of gorgeous female muscle, fellas!  Enjoy it while we can and show these girls your support by purchasing from their studios!

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ALL NEW in the Carli Terepka Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – new contest shape video of massive Carli and her huge arms! Show her support and pick up this hot video today!

Brookie At Her BEST – 2 More Sensational Contest Shape Clips Added!

NEW VIDEOS of the astonishing Brooke Walker added in today’s update – JOIN NOW!

Fans of EXTREME ripped conditioning and massive extreme female muscle….. you’re gonna love the latest 2 clips of Brooke we just added to the members area today!   On the very recently added page of “Brooke WINS in Phoenix“, you will simply be jaw-dropped looking at the magnificent site before your eyes.   Brooke in contest shape at her biggest and most ripped ever!    And just think….. she’s gonna be even better next month at the Olympia where we will of course produce several new shoots for PremiumPhysiques members!   There’s never been a better time to be a MEMBER at PremiumPhysiques, as obvious by these recent Brooke clips!

Also, stay tuned for a new clip coming later this week to HDPhysiques.TV, where Brooke and Carli get after it in part 3 of their contest shape gym shoot – it will be appearing in Carli’s Clips Studio in the next day or two!

Carli Terepka looking absolutley massive and RIPPED! New contest shape clips coming to her clips studio this week, with guest star, Brooklyn T! Support both girls by purchasing clips from their studios!

Members Area Update with 4 New Galleries Added – Kaitie Hart & Brooklyn T Walker!

There’s a reason she’s called “Literally Perfect”…. just look at that! All new Brooke photos added in today’s update – JOIN NOW!

Hey fellas – we’ve got a HOT photo gallery update for today’s members area update.   2 of the hottest female muscle girls on the planet!   First up, Gallery 3 added to the page of Kaitie Hart at Iron House Gym – in a massive and gorgeous offseason shape showing off huge muscle!   Then, we’ve got 2 galleries added on the page for the beginning of Brooke’s contest prep from the shoot page of “Brooke at Wild Horse Gym, Spring 2021“.    Finally, another red-hot gallery from last months contest shape “Brooke Wins a Show in Phoenix“…. our day after shoot where Brooke was RIPPED TO THE BONE!

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WIDE as a house in her thick offseason shape! Kait is IMPRESSIVELY huge! JOIN NOW for the latest K8 Hart!

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2 Clips of SEXY Brooke Doing Some Hot Posing and Training at Wild Horse!

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Today we’ve got a 2 video update of the amazing Brooklyn T. Walker!   On the Brooke Walker – Spring 2021 at Wild Horse Page, you’ll see 2 new clips added featuring Brooke training back, and the doing some hot physique posing!   Then stay tuned for another update in a few days with more CONTEST shape footage!   It’s an awesome time to be a member at PremiumPhysiques!

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NEW EVENT PAGE ADDED – Sheronica Henton at the 2021 NY Pro!

Big strong biceps! Sheronica hits the mark once again – check out her new shoot page and JOIN PremiumPhysiques today!

Top quality OLYMPIAN level muscle added again today here at PremiumPhysiques!    We are proud to welcome the incredible WPD Pro and multi-time Olympian, Sheronica “She-Rock” Henton from Denton!   On the new Sheronica Henton at the 2021 NY Pro page, you’ll find the first 2 members area galleries that we just added, as well as the first 3 video clips, of this amazing trailblazing athlete!   Sheronica has flexing and posing down to a science, and nobody does it better than this top rated pro.   We look forward to seeing what’s next for Sheronica as she continues to work her way back to the Olympia stage where she belongs!

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Vid of Brooke in Contest Shape, Plus TNMJ Morgan Payne Shots Added

We’ve literally run out of words to describe how amazing the physique of Brooke Walker really is. Just check out the new page and see for yourself!

In today’s PremiumPhysiques update, we’ve got 1 new clip added on the page of “Brooke Walker 2021 in Shreveport” and another gallery added on the page of Morgan Payne’s TNMJ Shoot from the 2019 Olympia Weekend!   Plus, we have another update coming later this week that will be sure to impress!   So don’t go anywhere…. this coming weekend will be another SWEEEEET update!

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Another gallery has been added to the page of the 2019 Morgan Payne TNMJ Shoot – check it out!

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NEW PAGE ADDED – Kaitie Hart at Iron House Gym – BIG BICEPS!

WIDE as a house in her thick offseason shape! Kait is IMPRESSIVELY huge! JOIN NOW for the latest K8 Hart!

BIG Biceps BLAST, folks!   Everybody’s favorite “blonde cheerleader” is back with some incredible hot muscle clips!   On the brand new page called “K8 Hart at Iron House“, you’ll see an offseason K8 at her biggest size yet, having packed on a ton of new muscle recently!   If you’re a fan of biceps, in particular, you’ll be pretty amazed with the latest from the gorgeous blonde from Tennessee.   Her new page kicks off with 4 new clips, and 2 photo galleris, with more of each on the way soon!

Thank you for joining PremiumPhysiques and showing your support!   Also, remember to check out the latest coverage in the bonus media section over at HDPhysiques, where 7 new clips were recently added!

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“Literally Perfect” – the gorgeous Brooke Walker wins her pro show in Phx and follows it up with the best PremiumPhysiques shoot ever – JOIN TODAY!

One of the best pages to ever hit PremiumPhysiques….. our new page entitled “Brooke Wins in Phoenix” is BRAND NEW content, shot just 2 days ago in Phoenix, the day after Brooke won her first pro show since turning pro in 2015.  This was an amazing weekend, folks.  She’s fought thru so much adversity…. 5.5 years of 2nd place finishes over and over….. being “oh so close” to that Olympia stage, but never quite getting there.   Well, this time it finally happened.  She brought an undeniable physique, looking absolutely gorgeous while being ripped and shredded, and hugely muscular, like never before!    If you don’t have a PremiumPhysiques membership yet….. NOW is the TIME TO GET ONE!

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New Vid and New Members Gallery Added! Melissa Brodskey & Hailey Wegner!

Hailey is looking freaky and massive just weeks before her show!

Today’s update features 2 of our most popular “new finds” of 2020-2021…..  the tremendous “peak freak” Melissa Brodskey doing some amazing flexing and lounging by the pool in an awesome video on the “Mel Brodskey – the New Pro” page….. and THEN, fresh from a hot shoot at Wild Horse Fitness last month…. the amazing and HUGE Hailey Wegner with a new gallery on the page of “Hailey Wegner at Wild Horse Fitness“.

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Carli Terepka’s MAMMOTH Biceps!!! Join PremiumPhysiques NOW for EPIC Clips!

These suckers are just about 18″ now. Look out Katie Lee! Carli is bringing it to the gun show!

Fans of GIGANTIC biceps at their maximum strength, will no doubt LOVE this weekend’s PremiumPhysiques update!    We’ve got 2 new clips on the page of HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Carli Terepka in the Dungeon!   Just fair warning…… if you’re scared of BIG BEEFY BICEPS, don’t click on that page!   Carli’s gunz are at their hugest and most epic ever.   These 2 clips will leave you with no doubt, that Carli is right up there with fellow PP models, Katie Lee & Brooke Walker, as having some of the most amazing upper bodies in the entire female muscle world!

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