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40 new photos and a biceps blastin’ video added!

40 new photos and a biceps blastin’ video added! I hope everyone’s week is off to a good start. I no longer plan on doing Jr. USA’s this weekend, by the way. Who knows what lies ahead. I’ll keep you posted! But anyway, today, I’ve added a new video of me blasting some biceps and flexing […]

3 videos to show some changes over the years

Today an interesting update to see my changes over the years. See the 2009 Las Vegas Shoot clip, then the 2010 West County Gym Shoot clip, then the 2013 flexing during the Blonde Trio Shoot clip. Then finally, stay tuned for later this week for more 2014 clips to see the latest. Hope you’re having […]

Hot Beach Shoots and STRONG Gymwork

New clips of Shannon Courtney in the Gym, and Me on the Beach! Hey everyone – just a quick update…. I had a good time in Oakland doing the Contra Costa. Got qualified for Jr USA’s which is in 2 weeks. Thanks for your support! Today, check out the new clips on the pages for […]