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Heavy Lifting and Posing from the Fitness Vault

BIG Sexy Muscles on Display

Hey guys – check out the new clip I added from the Fitness Vault 2 shoot. This is how we build and sculpt the muscles – heavy lifting and some sexy posing! Also, stay tuned for some more of the tremendous new guest model, Hanna Hallman coming in the next update – enjoy! – Tanya

Shannon’s HUGE Biceps, Tanya’s Abs – JOIN for more!

Hey folks, we’ve added new videos to the pages of Tanya and Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym and Tanya – Sexy flexin’ at the Strand. See Shannon’s enormous muscles pop with power during her workout, and more, by joining! Have a great weekend, everyone! – T

Hanna Hallman IFBB Physique Pro – Now on

Stunningly HOT new guest model Hanna Hallman Now Available!

Hey everyone! Say hello to my latest guest model at, the stunning IFBB Pro Physique competitor, Hanna Hallman! See 3 new videos and 3 photo galleries on the Hanna Hallman at Laguna Beach page, now available, with much more on the way! I hope you enjoy this amazing new model, and wish her luck at this weekend’s Phoenix Pro show! – Tanya

Hot Muscles! – Posing and Flexing Biceps, Legs and More!

Thong Bikini Gallery Added from Laguna Beach, plus HUGE muscle pumps from Iron Gym and Fashion Island!

Hey guys! Today, see two new videos – one on the Tanya and Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym page, and another HUGE BICEPS clip from the Fashion Island Bridge Shoot. Also, how about a hot thong bikini from Laguna Beach??? That’s right! Join today for this awesome update! – Enjoy! – Tanya

Offseason Muscle Flexing on the Beach – Tanya and Rikki Smead!

Who Wants To See Some Sexy Muscle Flexing on the Beach?

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great week. See 2 new clips, one each on the pages for the Ft. Lauderdale Beach shoot, and Rikki Smead and Tanya at Laguna Beach. I hope you enjoy these offseason clips. More ripped contest shape stuff coming this weekend! Let me know what thoughts and ideas you have for upcoming shoots! – Tanya

EXTREMELY HUGE biceps pump video – from Corona Del Mar

Ready for some HUGE biceps flexing?

Visit the huge pump at Corona Del Mar shoot page for a new biceps clip I edited… the gunz are lookin’ huge and big in this vid…check it out! Stay tuned for more video and photos updates this week! – Tanya

ENORMOUS Powerful, Strong Legs – New videos of Shannon and Tanya added!

SUPER SEXY POWERFUL LEGS – new clips added!

SEXY Strength and POWER! See a clip of Shannon putting up huge weights, then me doing some RIPPED and massive muscle flexing – my quads and calves are looking HUGE! Available now on the Tanya and Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym shoot page. Thanks for joining!

NEW SHOOT PAGE added! See Shannon Courtney and Tanya at Iron Gym!

SMASHING HUGE WEIGHTS in the gym with Shannon Courtney!

NEW SHOOT added! – Check out the phenomenal shoot that I had with Shannon a few months ago on the new Tanya and Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym page. See the first 2 members photos galleries and first 3 video clips, with TONS more on the way! Hope you enjoy – have a great week enjoying everyone! – Tanya

New biceps and sexy muscle posing video from the Fitness Vault!

NEW BICEPS VIDEO – Sexy Flexin’ From the Fitness Vault!

Hey guys – check out the newest clip on the Fitness Vault page. This is the last clip from my first shoot there, back in 2013. After doing one last set, I set forth for some sexy muscle posing! Hope you enjoy. Also stay tuned… the next update will be a great one! The awesome Iron Gym Shoot with Shannon Courtney! – Tanya

NEW EVENT ADDED! – Tanya and Rikki Smead at Laguna Beach!

NEW SHOOT PAGE added – Rikki Smead and Tanya on the Beach!

Hey everyone! See another new shoot page here at – the Tanya and Rikki Flexing and Posing at Laguna Beach page starts off with 3 photo galleries featuring over 75 hot photos, as well as the first 3 members section video clips. Thanks to Lou Krivda for helping out Joe from HDPhysiques on this shoot. It was an offseason shoot and in some freezing cold water, but I think we managed to get some photos and vids you’ll like! And stay tuned for new Shannon Courtney looking MASSIVE coming soon! Thanks for supporting! – Tanya