Mind-Blowing LEGS AND GLUTES! 2 New Kass G-Fit Vids Added – JOIN NOW!

Kass G-Fit rockin that incredible set of glutes at Evocative Studios! JOIN NOW!

Anybody ready for some wellness pro GLUTE BOUNCES?   We’ve got ’em today here at PremiumPhysiques!   The incredible Arnold-winning and top Olympian competitor in IFBB Wellness, Kass G-Fit, is back with 2 new vids that you simply won’t believe.   Her legs in ripped contest shape, both in the gym and the studio, on the page entitled Kass G in the Dungeon and Studio, looking at her all-time best!    In the gym clip, you get to see her incredible quads pounding out the reps at the Dungeon Pro Gym, every muscle fiber flexing with power.   In the studio clip, some full body RIPPED posing in contest shape, followed by incredible focus on monster quads and sensastional GLUTES, including some glute bouncing!

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The CRAZY legs of Kass G – JOIN NOW for the page featuring this top wellness pro!