New Shannon Video posted – JOIN NOW!

Check out the new video of the tremendous Shannon Courtney on the Blonde Trio page! This girls legs are simply out of this world and ridiculous! Much more on the way!

Calves and Biceps – 2 New Videos From Ft. Lauderdale!

2 New Videos Added to Members Section!

See 2 new videos on the page for the Fort Lauderdale Beach shoot – biceps and calves fans – you’ll probably like! – Tanya

Shannon Courtney and Her Enormous Guns video added to the Heavy Liftin’ with Shannon Courtney at MetRx Gym page! See Shannon work her tremendous biceps on the preacher curl machine along with some sexy posing!

New Biceps Video from Fashion Island – SOFTBALL SIZED guns!

Perfect Biceps Shape – Check out these huge guns!

Hey fellas – check out a hot new BICEPS video from the Fashion Island Shoot….BIG muscles here – I’ve been working HARD on them! Had a huge pump that day, feeling great. Stay tuned for more… is only going to get better & better! – Tanya

New Video of HUGE CALVES Added From the 2013 Blonde Trio Shoot

MONSTER CALVES – Join for Sexy Legs!

Training calves is one of my favorite things to do at the gym! See a new video of my big calves on the Blonde Trio page from 2013. Stay tuned for new contest shape vids and photos coming this weekend! – Tanya

New Video added from Fashion Island – Ripped Biceps and Back Muscles!

SEXY VIDEO of up-close biceps and WIDE back!

Check out the recently added Fashion Island Shoot page where you’ll see a new video of me flexing my HUGE, wide back, and up-close biceps. It sure is fun flexing in the sun on a warm California afternoon! Thanks for supporting! – Tanya

The lil Monstar Dani Reardon Flexing at Evocative Studios

See a powerful new clip of the stunningly gorgeous Dani Reardon flexing her awesome muscles on the Dani Reardon at Evocative Studios page!  Dani just packs muscle onto that perfectly shaped frame of hers…. what a physique! More pics and vids coming on Monday – have a great weekend, everyone! – Tanya

New Fashion Island Muscle Shoot Now Available!

NEW MUSCLES – Ripped and HUGE at Fashion Island Shoot Now Added!

Hey folks – today we added a new event page – the Fashion Island Shoot at Newport Beach, CA! Check out the first 3 videos and 2 photo galleries from this amazing shoot in the hot California Sun! I worked up quite a sweat flexing and getting all vascular and ripped! Thank you for your support by joining – I really appreciate your support and encouragement and hope you enjoy this new shoot! – Tanya

New photo galleries of Shannon, Tanya, and Martha Peterson!

Added new photo galleries to the Shannon Courtney – Clearwater Beach Shoot and the Heavy Liftin’ Gym Shoot with Martha Peterson pages. Yep, I went into the archives and found new photos shot by Jerroll from the fun gym shoot I di with Martha back in early 2011 – lots of changes to my physique since then!  I hope you enjoy these 75 hot new pics. Stay tuned for new videos and new shoot page coming Tuesday! – Tanya

Shannon Courtney Flexing HUGE MASSIVE BICEPS!

New Video of Shannon’s MASSIVE BICEPS Added to the Members Section!

See a new video today of Shannon Courtney flexing her ENORMOUS, MASSIVE BICEPS on the Shannon Courtney – Clearwater Beach Shoot from the Tampa Pro. Amazing size and power – this girl is crazy muscular and so pretty! Stay tuned for new shoots coming soon! – Tanya