It’s LEG DAY at PremiumPhysiques – and 2 of our BEST Show off MEGA-Wheels!

Julia has massive legs from the front and back. Join now for the latest Julia Foery clip added!

Julia Foery and Brooke Walker, 2 girls that can definitely be considered muscle “Quaddesses” (and Goddesses) are back with 2 new clips showcasing their crazy strong and massive quads, and legs in general.   First, on the Brooke Walker at PHG – MD page, you’ll see a HUGE offseason Brooke showcasing her wheels at her biggest offseason size ever.   She’s HUGE!   Then next up, even HUGER, the Swedish FBB Julia Foery from Wild Horse Fitness, showcasing her massive mashers, front and back, and she is in near contest shape having just competed the weekend before this shoot.    Talk about a GORGEOUS and huge muscular woman – wow!

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