It’s a Fabulous Friday for Brooke Here at PremiumPhysiques!

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The ULTIMATE Brooke pics and vids are coming at you in today’s amazing PremiumPhysiques update!   In her best ever, most ripped contest shape, just days before the 2023 Olympia, Brookie takes us on a back destruction day at Pack Animal Gym, and does a TON of posing and flexing in between her sets, with some phenomenal up-close action.   Today, we’ve added 2 new videos, and another gallery on the page entitled Brooke – Pack Animal Back Attack.   There’s never been a better reason to JOIN PremiumPhysiques!   Brooke is a once in a generation talent and now is the time to enjoy her greatness!

Also – fans of HOT young muscle girls, you may want to check out the RETRO Remastered clip of the famous Shannon Courtney, from her pro card winning weekend, that we just posted over at HDPhysiques.TV!    It’s a special feature in the HDPhysiques Studio there at the Female Muscle Store – check it out!

A special remastered re-release of the 2013 Shannon Courtney Pro Card Winning Weekend upper body video – get it today in the HDPhysiques studio at HDPhysiuqes.TV, the Female Muscle Store!

Julia’s MEGA Quads & Sexy Brooke On the Beach – Awesome Members Area Update!

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We’ve got a SENSATIONAL update today, folks!    Fans of ripped muscle – get ready….. this is YOUR update!    First up, we’ve got the pre-Olympia shoot with Julia DiPompeo…..  2 more videos added on the page called “Julia MegaPower-O-Prep” where she is in CRAZY hot shape…. especially those deep-cut quads, which are featured in both of today’s videos.   Check it out!

Next up, for some sexy photos on the beach, we have a new gallery on the page of Brooke at Pass-a-Grille Beach , where Brooke shines in the sun as it sets on the beautiful beach of west Florida.   You’ve seen the samples, folks, now check out the rest!

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NEW PAGE ADDED!!! ULTRA-SHREDDED Brooke in Olympia Shape – Back Attack!

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OH MY GOD!   This new page we just added will completely blow your minds, folks!   The amazing “Marilyn Monroe of Muscle” is back again with a KILLA new page featuring our Brooke in her best shape of ALL TIME!   From Pack Animal Fitness right before the Olympia, we’ve got the ultimate specimen of female muscle in a brutal back attack workout, with TONS and TONS of up-close flexing and powerful muscle shots!   Both the still photos and video clips will blow you away!    The new page kicks off with the first 3 photo galleries, and the first 4 (of more than 20!) videos.   All of the videos will featuring tons of up-close action in 4K resolution – WOW!

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It’s LEG DAY at PremiumPhysiques – and 2 of our BEST Show off MEGA-Wheels!

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Julia Foery and Brooke Walker, 2 girls that can definitely be considered muscle “Quaddesses” (and Goddesses) are back with 2 new clips showcasing their crazy strong and massive quads, and legs in general.   First, on the Brooke Walker at PHG – MD page, you’ll see a HUGE offseason Brooke showcasing her wheels at her biggest offseason size ever.   She’s HUGE!   Then next up, even HUGER, the Swedish FBB Julia Foery from Wild Horse Fitness, showcasing her massive mashers, front and back, and she is in near contest shape having just competed the weekend before this shoot.    Talk about a GORGEOUS and huge muscular woman – wow!

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Jakked Julia! More Vids & Galleries of Top Olympians Added!

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Today, we’ve got an AWESOME update for you, featuring the stunning Olympians Julia DiPompeo, Carli Terepka, and Brooklyn Walker.   First up, for amazing still photos in a SEXY studio shoot…..we’ve got the finally gallery on the page of Brooke and Carli – Sexy Studio Shoot, from Evocative Studios, in which they are BOTH in ripped contest shape and looking absolutely phenomenal!   You gotta see these – you won’t believe your eyes!

And then…. for MORE ripped contest shape muscle, we’ve got the amazing Julia DiPompeo from Jakked Gym, with 2 more video clips added featuring biceps and amazing calves!   Julia looks astonishing and you’re gonna love these clips!

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Over at HDPhysiques, we just added our 1,000th model – huge FBB Amanda Smith! Join with our COMBO membership and save $8.00/month!

Ready for RIPPED? 2 Brand NEW Clips added to Brooke’s SudaFit Page!

Brooke works her leanest legs yet in the latest clip added on the SudaFit Gym page – JOIN PremiumPhysiques NOW!

OLYMPIA Contest shape just hits a little different than regular contest shape.   Only the BEST of the best.   And that’s our Torrance.   Brooklyn Torr Walker is back with 2 amazing new clips on the “Olympia Shredded at SudaFit” page, – one focused exclusively on the leanest ripped quads we’ve ever seen, and another with full body posing, highlighting her HUGE back and deep cut abs.   Wow – WHAT A PHYSIQUE!!!

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It’s LEG DAY! New Vids and Galleries of Brooklyn Torrance Will Brighten Your Day!

Massive Muscles! NEW Brooke galleries and videos on the page from Powerhouse Gym MD! JOIN PremiumPhysiques NOW!

We’ve got a HOT LEGGY update for you today here at PremiumPhysiques!    The incredible Brooklyn T Walker is back with new clips on her page from “Leg Day at Powerhouse Gym in MD“, shot last year before her Olympia Prep.   We’ve got 2 new clips plus a photo gallery with Brooke at her biggest ever off-season size.   And of course, knowing Brooke, she still has definition and rock hard muscle, even in her offseason.  She never gets “soft”.   Just BIGGER and more powerful!    Enjoy the new clips and photos!

Plus, be sure to check out the NEW clip of Carli Terepka over at HDPhysiques.TV – if you want to see some 17″ biceps, closing in on 18″, you gotta see this new clip called “Carli’s Candid Pump 2024” – I mean, seriously….. it is INSANE!    Go get that video today and show Carli your support!

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Carli’s BICEPS are so huge, it’s almost comical! She’s like a super hero. Get the new Carli video today in her studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Brooke in 2 Different Styles – RIPPED Contest Shape and Massive Offseason!

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Today we show a “Before and After” like never before.   In both of the highlighted clips in today’s update, Brooklyn T Walker trains legs and then does some posing.   But the difference is….. this shows you the difference between “off-season” (before prep) and “contest shape” (just a week before the Olympia).  One extreme to the other.   In the first clip, Brooke trains legs at PHG MD, and you’ll see her massive size and strength in a super sexy outfit.   This was shot in April of last year when Brooke joined HDPhysiques on our annual DelMarVa shoot trip.   Months before she started her Olympia prep, and she is thick and meaty!    And then, in the 2nd clip, it’s from the SudaFit Gym Shoot, shot just a week before the 2023 Olympia.   Here, she is shredded to the EXTREME.  You can see every vascular detail thru her paper-thin skin.   It is really a sight to behold, folks.   Watch these 2 clips back to back and see what you think!

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Glorious Glutes! It’s leg day at PHG MD and Brooke dressed very appropriately! JOIN NOW for this amazing page with much more to come!

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2 More IMPRESSIVE Ultra-Ripped Contest Shape Videos Added Featuring Brooke Walker!

Brooke is literally perfect. A sculpted work of art! See the 2 new videos added from this shoot in today’s update!

In a truly remarkable update, we’ve got 2 new clips of Brooklyn T Walker where she is in ultra-freaky contest shape right before the Olympia.   On the page entitled Brooked – Shredded to the EXTREME, you’ll see the 2 new clips…. one with amazing full body posing, and another focused on those enormous vascular biceps!    It’s a GREAT day to be a member at PremiumPhysiques!

Also, be sure to check out the latest at HDPhysiques.TV – Beefnuggette just released a brand new video where she is looking HUGE and vascular too!   Fans of freaky veiny biceps will love this one.   Get it today in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

Over in the Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, a tremendous NEW Biceps Blasting flexing video that you gotta see!

Awesome Update Featuring Katie “Cero Dos” Lee & Brooklyn Walker – Amazing Vids & Galleries!

2 NEW Galleries added featuring Cero Dos and her massive 17″ers!

We have an update today featuring the two most popular PremiumPhysiques models of all time….. Brooklyn T Walker, and Katie “Cero Dos” Lee!    First up, on the recently added offseason page featuring Brooke’s Leg Day at PHG MD, we’ve got our good friend Torry working hammies and glutes and doing some serious quad flexing as she’s putting on her most impressive muscle size ever!

Next up, also from that Maryland trip, we’ve got Katie Lee in 2 awesome photo galleries from PHG-MD as well, but we added these on the recently added page of “Katie Lee at Wild Horse Fitness” simply because we didn’t want to create an all-new page just for 2 galleries.  But nevertheless, the 2 galleries added are SIZZLIN hot and shows Katie pumping those massive 17″ guns like never before.   Just tremendous muscle!

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Glorious Glutes! It’s leg day at PHG MD and Brooke dressed very appropriately! JOIN NOW for this amazing page with much more to come!

Phenomenal Fitness Pro Amanda Ciani now available over at HDPhysiques! Join with the HDP/PP combo membership today to save $8.00/month!