New Clips of K8 Hart & J-Pomp Added – if you like BICEPS!!!

Massive, ripped, and JAKKED! New video from Jakked Gym featuring Julia DiPompeo now available – JOIN NOW!

The new clips added in today’s update will certainly be appreciated by the Biceps Lovers out there!   First up, we’ve got the incredible K8 Hart in her January “Die Hard” Shoot – where she has no problem showing off who has the gunz!   See the new clip on the page of “K8 Hart’s Die Hard Shoot” and be wowed by those mighty arms.   Next up, for an OLYMPIA shape muscular powerhouse out of Illinois, we’ve got the tremendous Julia “J-Pomp” DiPompeo from her shoot at Jakked Gym working those ultra-ripped arms at her favorite workout spot.  Check it out today on the page entiteld “J-Pomp at Jakked Gym“.   You’re gonna love these impressive arms!

Thanks for joining PremiumPhysiques!   And be sure to check out the new insane calves video coming in the next 48 hours at HDPhysiques.TV in the Steph Koerber Clips Studio!