Oooogly Noooogly! Beefynuggette is Back with 2 Mass Muscle Upper Body Clips!

Beautiful and BIG! Nuggy’s got an upper body to die for! Get the amazing new videos today by JOINING PremiumPhysiques!

The PP Members Area has been updated today with 2 fantastic and long clips of the gorgeous and ultra-powerful BEEFNUGGETTE.   On the page entitled “Beefynuggs – Ripped Contest Shape“, you’ll see an upper body explosion like never before!   Huge, vascular, and a crazy pump.  It’s a recipe for OOOOOOO yeah!

Plus, remember to join with the HDP/PP combo membership and save up to $8.00/month!   Over at HDPhysiques, we just added our 1000th model, the huge FBB Amanda J Smith!

Over at HDPhysiques, we just added our 1,000th model – huge FBB Amanda Smith! Join with our COMBO membership and save $8.00/month!