NEW PAGE ADDED! Heating Things Up Over the Holidays with Carli T!

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Instead of cold wintery weather, we are taking you to Venice Beach where Carli Terepka is flexing and posing at her most massive size ever!   Arms clearly over 17″ and quads over 25″, this mass monster is here to make a point!    On the new Carli MASSIVE at Venice Beach page, you’ll see Ms Terepka’s first 4 video clips and first 3 photo galleries, with much more of each to come!    Wearing a tiny thong one piece on the beach, she definitely had a crowd of on-lookers as we proceeded through this sexy shoot along the shoreline.   If you’re into THICK MEATY Muscle Girls, this is the new page for you, folks!   Carli’s gunz are enormous, and her quads aren’t far behind…. and those rock hard glutes compliment her wide back and delts just perfectly.   The perfect balance of female muscle and sexiness!

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New Clips of Hailey Wegner & Carli Terepka Added – Join the Members Area Today!

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Hey gang – it’s time for another GREAT update here at PremiumPhysiques!   Upper body fans are gonna dig this one – we’ve got the tremendous muscle models Hailey Wegner & Carli Terepka, both back for some muscle blasting upper body pump action.   First up, for fans of ripped conditioning and awesome vascularity, check out the contest shape clip of Hailey Wegner 2 – at WildHorse Gym.   Then, for the absolute hugest and biggest Carli mass muscle clips yet….. check out the page – Carli is HUGE – Summer 2022, as she visited Wild Horse in her offseason and pounded out some huge reps for arms, and then did lots of biceps and triceps flexing.   Two gorgeous blondes, doing their thing….. destroying HUGE weights in the gym and absolutely dominating!

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ANOTHER New Page Added! Danielle Mastro & Carli Terepka at Venice Beach!

Head to the NEW Carli & Mastro at Venice page for some sexy muscle clips & pics!

Gorgeous female muscle on the beach!   This summer, we met up with both Carli Terepka & Danielle Mastromatteo on the beach in Venice, CA.    They nearly over-heated our cameras!   Sizzlin’ hot muscle from both of these WPD veterans, both still sporting amazing physiques.   Carli in her offseason, after the 2021 Olympia, and Danielle enjoying a very “fit retirement”, both girls have the size and definition that will leave female muscle admirers impressed!    On the new Carli & Danielle at Venice page here at PremiumPhysiques, see 4 new video clips, and 2 members area photo galleries.    It’s an exciting time to be a member at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN NOW!

Also – be on the lookout – there’s a new video appearing in the HDPhysiques.TV clips store in the next 24-48 hours….. and it’s gonna be a HOT ONE!    And in the meantime, be sure to check out the latest Katie Lee clip added – it’s a sizzler!

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HUGE MUSCLE! Katie Lee’s biceps look better than ever in this latest clip added to her Peak Power Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – get it today to show Katie your support!

Ready for RIPPED? 2 New Clips & New Gallery of Brooke’s Leg Day in Contest Shape!

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Hey fellas….. there’s nothing better than seeing a gorgeous ripped blonde muscle machine in the gym!   And that’s what the folks at The Dungeon Pro Gym saw on the day when Brooke Walker, in ripped contest shape, showed up for Leg Day and some full body posing and flexing practice!    On the page entitled – Brooke’s Crazy Contest Prep Leg Day, you’ll see 2 new clips as well as a new photo gallery from that incredible day, just days out from the 2021 Phoenix Pro Show, where Brooke eventually won and punched her ticket to the Olympia.

Also, in other news….. we just finished several days of shoots with PremiumPhysiques athlete, Paige Sandgren (AKA – BEEFNUGGETTE), in ripped contest shape from her recent competition – the 2022 North Americans.   So, stay tuned for NEW STUFF coming right here at PremiumPhysiques, as well as a new clips coming to her Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – with the first clip coming TODAY!!!   Purchase it today and show your support for Nuggy!

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Galleries of Autumn Swansen, Vid of Carli Terepka Added – FREAKY MUSCLE!

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Hey fellas – we’ve got a sweeeeet update today featuring 2 of your favorite PP models of all-time.   First up, former sponsored athlete, Autumn Swansen, has 2 new galleries on the page entitled “Autumn Swansen – Summer Heat” – a beautiful look in a hot bikini out on the boat.  Then, if you’re ready for it…. some of the freakiest upper body muscle you’re ever gonna see…. on the Carli Terepka – 2021 STL Pro Champ page, you’ll see Carli flexing hard like never before, getting absolutely crazy insane vascularity and mountainous muscles pumped up!

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NEW EVENT PAGE ADDED! Hailey Wegner CONTEST SHAPE at WildHorse Fitness!

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Hailey Wegner in contest shape as she put in the final days of prep for her pro card weekend at NPC Jr Nationals.   Looking insanely vascular and lean, Hailey takes you through her workout, and you can see why she’s so close to her pro card at the time of filming this video.   Veins jumping out of her biceps.  Feathers in her quads…. hamstrings nearly popping out of her legs….  she’s never looked better and we are proud to feature her here at PremiumPhysiques as one of the finest young figure girls on the scene today!  On the brand new “Hailey Wegner at Wild Horse Fitness” page….you’ll find the first 4 video clips in the members section, as well as 2 members photo galleries, with much more of both on the way in weeks ahead!

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New Clip of the Gorgeous Kaitie Hart Added to the PP Members Area!

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Fans of gorgeous blonde muscle girls will LOVE today’s update!   PremiumPhysiques mega-super-model, Kaitie Hart, is back with a new video where she trains triceps, and then does some amazing flexing and posing.   Check out the recently added page, “Kaitie Hart’s Powerful Gym Work – 2020” and enjoy one of the very best in the industry!

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