NEW PAGE ADDED – New PremiumPhysiques Model Hailey in the Dungeon!

The massive arms of gorgeous Hailey Wegner as she prepares for her next competition. JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for more coverage!

HUGE NEWS!   We’ve got a new event page launching from this past week’s shoot with the phenomenal NPC Figure Competitor, Hailey Wegner!   On the new “Hailey Wegner at the Dungeon” page, you’ll see Hailey absolutely destroying the weights as she sculpts her physique to perfection as she nears the 10-week out mark from her upcoming shows this summer.   She’s getting lean as you can see by the tremendous vascularity in her arms, and her shapely V-taper physique.   The first 3 photo galleries are up, as well as the first 4 video clips from our amazing shoot.

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Look at that literally perfect V-Taper! Hailey is gonna be tough to beat as she goes for that pro card this summer!

2 NEW Galleries of Brooke & Katie’s Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon Gym!

HUGE MUCLES! Both Brooke and Katie brought their A-Game for this posedown in the Dungeon – JOIN NOW for 2 of the best muscle girls in the world!

Hey fellas, we’ve got 2 new galleries added in today’s members area update here at PremiumPhysiques – 2 of the biggest, sexiest, hottest girls on Premium – Katie Lee & Brooklyn Torrance Walker!    The galleries are on the recently added page, “Katie vs Brooke Muscle Challenge at the Dungeon“.   Check out and let us know which girl has the physique for you!    Just look at these samples here….. these girls are unbelievable!  Found exclusively at PremiumPhysiques, and their respective clips stores at HDPhysiques.TV!

Who has the better chest? Katie or Brooke? Download the new galleries today and judge for yourself!

NEW Vid of Morgan Payne & NEW Brooke Walker Gallery Added!

NEW GALLERIES of Brooke – Check ’em out!

We’ve got an amazing update for you today featuring 2 of your PP favorites!    First up, a new video clip of Morgan Payne as she takes on Katie in the “Katie vs Morgan Muscle Challenge 1” from the 2019 Olympia weekend.  Lookin as sexy as ever…. Morgan DELIVERS!   Then, over on the page for Brooke Walker in Conway – 4K, there’s a new gallery of Brooke in that super sexy black dress…. see the sample here and you’ll know what we mean!   Download this amazing gallery today!

HOT NEW VIDEO of the amazing Morgan Payne

NEW Video & New Gallery of the AWESOME Melissa Brodskey!

Melissa is a one-of-a-kind mega-model! JOIN NOW for access to her new photos and clips!

Hey gang!   We hope you are having a GREAT weekend!   We just wanted to make it a little better by adding another HOT update for you here at PremiumPhysiques!    We have BOTH…. a new video and a new gallery of the amazing figure pro, Melissa Brodsky!   On the “Melissa Brodsky – New Pro” page, you’ll find both the new clip and gallery in the members protected area.   We hope you enjoy the amazing pics and vid of this absolutely GORGEOUS supermodel of muscle!

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Katie Lee – NEW Massive Biceps Clip Posted!

How would you like to armwrestle THAT beast? Check out Katie’s amazing arms by clicking here!

Hey gang, just a quick update with a bigger one coming later this week.   We’ve got a new clip of the sensational Katie Lee flexing her MASSIVE biceps by the Missouri River from back in October.    Katie, despite not competing in 2020, remains at near her biggest and most impressive size ever, and still has lean conditioning to really make that muscle pop!   Check it out on the “Katie Lee Flexin at the MO River” page right now!

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AMAZING new Katie Lee video added on the page of “Katie Lee – flexing at the Missouri River” – JOIN PP today!

NEW Video & Gallery of Diana Schnaidt added – HUGE & RIPPED!

SUPREMELY Chiseled! JOIN now for the amazing Diana Schnaidt!

Hey fellas!   Today we have an amazing new clip and a new photo gallery of the stunning gorgeous Diana Schnaidt, from the Optimum Classic show in 2020.   If you’re a fan of HUGE and RIPPED, this is for you!   Her legs are simply on another level, folks.  You’ve got to see it to believe it!   Check out the Diana Schnaidt in Shreveport page today and don’t miss these sexy pics and video!

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The WORLD CLASS legs of Diana Schnaidt – JOIN NOW for her amazing page!

NEW Event Page Added – Katie vs Brooke Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon!

What more can be said about these 2? The ultimate muscle challenge is here! JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for Katie vs Brooke!

HUGE NEWS!   PremiumPhysiques has added a brand new page on the site featuring 2 of your most favorite female muscle athletes of this generation!   2 of our sponsored athletes, Katie Lee and Brooklyn T. Walker, do battle at the Dungeon gym in STL in a new muscle challenge page.   Both girls training both upper and lower body, and doing TONS AND TONS of flexing/posing!   On the new “Katie & Brooke Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon” page, you’ll see the first 4 video clips (and 14 more to come!), along with the first 2 (of 4) photo galleries from this amazing event!

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NEW Vid of Kaitie Hart & New Gallery of MASSIVE RIPPED Hailey Delf Added!

Epic biceps peaks! JOIN NOW for the phenomenal Hailey Delf, now a featured athlete at PremiumPhysiques!

SEXY MUSCLE, folks!  We’ve got some great stuff in today’s update.   First up….. for leg fans, the incomparable K8 Hart is back with a new clip on her page…. “Kaitie Hart in the Dungeon, with Guest Brooke Walker“…. from early 2020.    Then, from later in the year, we have a new gallery added on the page of “Hailey Delf in Long Beach“…. in contest shape!    She is ripped and absolutely huge!

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Brooke Walker’s INCREDIBLE Upper Body – Awesome FLEXING Vids Now Available!

Click here for 2 new vids of the literally perfect, Torry Walker!

The Marilyn Monroe of Muscle is BACK with 2 new clips on her relatively new page entitled “Brooke’s Studio and Gym Shoot in STL – 2020“, and these are an absolute thrill for those of you who are into massive ripped and powerful UPPER BODY  muscle explosions!   Fans of pecs, biceps, triceps…. buckle up.  You’re gonna love these 2 new clips added today.

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NEW Vids of Kass Gillis in Vegas – Tremendous Female Muscle!

Look at those mind-blowing legs! RIPPED and powerful! JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for these sexy new Kass Gillis clips!

We edited some additional video from our early 2020 shoot with the amazing Canadian Figure Pro, Kass Gillis, in Las Vegas.    The 2 clips added today will without a doubt, leave you breathless.  If you’re a fan of ripped abs, peaked biceps, and HUGE sexy quads….. this update is for you!   Kass is near contest shape, so her muscles are popping like no other.   Hammies, glutes, calves, biceps… what more can you say about this girl.  Simply amazing!   Thank you for JOINING PremiumPhysiques!

A screenshot of one of the new clips added to the Kass Gillis in Vegas page – JOIN NOW for amazing Canadian Muscle!