STUNNING! – A 5-minute 4K Video of the MASSIVE Steph Marie!

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We’ve got a RARE treat for you today, my friends!   A long 5 minute video in stunning 4K resolution – the best picture quality currently possible…. shot with the HDPhysiques Gimbal of Peace & Harmony, featuring the lovely, massive, and ultra-shredded, Steph Marie at the Dungeon!   This video was shot in June, right before Steph’s competitive 2019 season, and she is at her biggest and best in this video.  You’re gonna absolutely love the huge ripped muscle flexing – biceps, quads, triceps, chest, back – she hits it all!

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Big, Bad, Massive Steph Marie – HUGE Muscles in Boca Sun!

A “Ferrari” of female muscle – Steph Marie is powerful and sexy!

Today’s PremiumPhysiques update is a huge hit with fans of BIG female muscle!   We’ve got 2 new sexy poolside videos of the amazing and massive Stephanie Marie in Boca Raton.   JOIN PremiumPhysiques today and be prepared to be wowed by the absolute BEST in the business!

Morgan’s Magnificent Muscles – SEXY update!

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2 NEW clips of the awesome Morgan Payne added to the PremiumPhysiques members area!   Head over to the “Morgan Payne – STL Muscle Bomb” page to see MoMo train chest and legs, and do TONS of posing those sexy biceps, chest and legs in these nice long videos.   Make sure your PremiumPhysiques membership is current – we’ve got some amazing new stuff on the way – especially if you’re a BIG BICEPS fan!

Brooke’s SEXY Powerful Legs – Action Packed Vids Added!

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Today is LEG DAY for Brooklyn T. Walker at 365 Fitness in Arkansas!   Brooke tortures legs through several exercises, and then does plenty of sexy muscle posing.   Nobody does it quite like Brooker T!

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The Amazing Beefnuggette is Back with 2 New Clips – Massive Legs & CHEST Flexing!

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Check it out!  Big ole Beefnuggette Paige Sandgren has 2 more smokin’ hot videos now available on the page of “Beefnuggette in Chicago 2” – during the weekend of her last show, the 2018 Chicago Pro.   Check out the massive muscle on this incredible bodybuilder – and make sure you stay tuned for some more big clips coming later this week – its a great time to be a member at PremiumPhysiques!

Steph Marie – RIPPED, MASSIVE, and Ultra-Powerful Muscle!

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It’s a GREAT DAY to Join PremiumPhysiques, folks!   If you’re a fan of massive ripped muscle girls, we’ve added 2 sensational clips today of the mass monster amazon, Stephanie Marie!   On the Steph Marie at the Dungeon Gym page, you’ll see sensational biceps and triceps, as this epic specimen of a woman dominates in the gym like no other!    JOIN PremiumPhysiques NOW if you’re not already a member…. you’re gonna love these vids!   More on the way, too!

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Carli Terepka & Steph Marie Bringing the HEAT and POWER!

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2 of your favorite PremiumPhysiques superstars coming strong with some HOT VIDEOS in today’s update!    First up, on the Steph Marie in Boca Raton page, check out this massive physique girl flexing by the pool and showing off some serious muscle!   Then, for the most ripped pro of 2018, check out Carli Terepka and her SHARP PEAKS in a spectacular biceps video from the 2018 Tampa Pro show.   It was her pro debut and she was ripped and shredded like never before!   HOLY SMOKES!

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Super SEXY Morgan Payne Vids Added to the Members Area! JOIN PremiumPhysiques Today!

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Awesome new POWER Clips of Brooke Walker & Morgan Payne added!

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Today we’ve got a PP update featuring long-time Premium Powerhouse, Brooklyn T. Walker, along with sexy newcomer, Morgan T. Payne.   On the “Morgan Payne – STL Muscle Bomb” page, you’ll find Morgan pumping some serious iron at Wild Horse Fitness, and doing some sexy flexing of Biceps, Quads, & Chest.   Then, we’ve got Torrance at 365 Fitness, where she is ultra-vascular and sexy as she flexes!

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ALL NEW Beefnuggette Page – Big Bad Muscle in Chicago 2

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NEW PAGE featuring massive Paige “Beefnuggette” Sandgren!   In today’s update, you see the brand new “page of Paige” from our 2nd shoot in Chicago.  In a colorful bikini and workout outfit, we’ve got 2 sexy photo galleries, along with the first 4 of many video clips to come.   Join the members area now and don’t miss any of the HOT content to come!

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