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Hey gang – we’ve got 2 new SIZZLIN’ HOT videos added in the members area today!   And by sizzlin’ hot, we mean both in the hot summer sun, and the scorching sexy content as well!   It’s Brooke Walker in Shreveport 2021, just after her 2nd place finish in the outstanding Womens Physique show.   In the hot sun her muscles are glistening and vascular like never before!    Also, remember you can get FREE VIDS over at HDPhysiques.TV by signing up for HDP/PP with our COMBO membership during our 2021 Olympia Promo month of October!   Only 10 days left to take advantage of these savings and free vids!

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NEW VIDS of Brooke & Carli added in Today’s PP Members Area Update!

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The 2 big “Girls of Summer 2021” are featured in today’s update here at PremiumPhysiques!    First up, on the page we added just last week, Carli Terepka the day after the 2021 STL Pro Show at Union Station St. Louis….. Carli’s legs ripped beyond belief!    Then, from earlier in the spring, Brooke at the beginning of her prep on the page of Brooke at Wildhorse, Spring 2021!   Brooke flexing every body part and looking like a million bucks!   Simply sensational!

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