Amazin’ NEW CLIPS Added to the PP Members Area – Julia Foery & Big Philly!

Powerful Amazon, the Big Philly Cheesesteak, Jess Hoffman – NEW VIDEOS ADDED – JOIN PremiumPhysiques now!

I hope you guys are ready for some INCREDIBLE video today!   Especially those that love JACKED upper bodies and crazy chest power!    In today’s videos, both Jess “Big Philly” Hoffman, and Julia Foery, do some massive chest pumps and flexing, along with some powerful biceps, some vascularity and much more!

First up, head over to the page called “Jess Hoffman – Big Physical Specimen” and see the tall 5’11” amazon crush chest and flex her massive upper body and doing some most musculars.   You’re gonna be blown away.   THEN….. for even BIGGER muscle, and in lean contest shape… check out the incredible Julia Foery at Wild Horse Fitness.   Crazy deep cut muscle, veins everywhere, and absolutely insanely huge muscle!

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New VIDS on the page of massive FBB, gorgeous Blonde, Julia Foery!

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PP Updated with Amazing New Clips of Carli T and Beefnuggette!

Absolutely MASSIVE! Carli has it all! Join now for new content on the Carli at Venice Beach page!

This is an update that BICEPS and BIG ARM LOVERS are gonna truly enjoy!   Two of the biggest armed girls in the sport, they are back with a vengeance in this one, folks!   First up, Carli Terepka – Massive at Venice Beach is updated with the final clip from that epic day last summer where Carli weighed in at nearly 180 lbs with 17″ arms.   Mass muscle lovers will no doubt enjoy the size of her huge arms and the big shapely peak as well!

Next up, we’ve got the ENORMOUS Beefnuggette, who, in this shoot, was easily the biggest she’s ever been!   She works triceps, but shows off the entire arm and how truly massive she has gotten.   This is a nice long clip that will make you want even more!

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Members Area Update – New Galleries of Hailey Wegner & Morgan Payne Added!

The massive arms of gorgeous Hailey Wegner as she prepares for her next competition. JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for more coverage!

Hey folks!  We’ve got some HOT female muscle updated today in today’s members area update.   One of this year’s hottest names, Hailey Wegner, is back again with another new gallery.   On the page of Hailey Wegner in the Dungeon from back in March, we’ve added another new gallery full of HOT photos of one of the biggest figure competitors in the world!    Then, for some ultra-sexy shots of Morgan Payne by talented photographer Steven Smith, (The New Me Journey), check out the new gallery on the page of Morgan Payne – the TNMJ Shoot.

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Also, be sure to check out the new Carli Terepka CONTEST SHAPE gym shoot in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

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See the NEW video of Ripped contest shape Carli Terepka, now available in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

AMAZING POWER PECS! New Beefnuggette Vids Added!

CRAZY HUGE muscle – found only here at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN TODAY!

It’s CHEST DAY – and Beefnuggette at her biggest and most ripped size ever, just before the 2018 Jr Nationals is ready to go beast mode!   On the page for Beefnuggette at USA Gym in Chicago IL, you’ll find the 2 most recent videos we’ve added from this amazing day of shooting training videos.

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Danielle Mastromatteo’s AWESOME BICEPS and DELTS!

Join PremiumPhysiques for much more Danielle Mastromatteo on the way, in addition to today's sexy biceps update!

Join PremiumPhysiques for much more Danielle Mastromatteo on the way, in addition to today’s sexy biceps update!

On the page for Danielle Mastromatteo – Beauty in Bellevue, you’re going to be in awe of Danielle’s gorgeous biceps and delts as she trains in Bellevue, WA, flexing and posing and working those powerful guns just for you and the cameras of! Join NOW and don’t miss a thing!

Sexy BROOKE WALKER, IFBB Pro, Biceps and Legs Video added!

New video of AWESOME RIPPED biceps and quads added to the Brooke Walker in Charleston page here at PremiumPhysiques!  No doubt about it, Brooke definitely deserved that pro card she earned this past summer. Not very often will you see such phenomenal cuts and separation, and perfectly shaped muscle. That’s why Brooke is a PREMIUM PHYSIQUE!

Happy Valentine’s Day from – 2 MEGA HOT clips added!


Check out the new videos of ripped abs and HUGE biceps on the Fashion Island Bridge Shoot page, and then rock hard back and delts on the Powerhouse Gym 4 page. Enjoy these sizzlin’ videos – Lots more on the way here at! Thank you for being a member and showing your support! – Tanya

Hot Beach Shoots and STRONG Gymwork

New clips of Shannon Courtney in the Gym, and Me on the Beach!

Hey everyone – just a quick update…. I had a good time in Oakland doing the Contra Costa. Got qualified for Jr USA’s which is in 2 weeks. Thanks for your support! Today, check out the new clips on the pages for the Huge Muscle Pump at Corona Del Mar, the Laguna Beach Shoot, and Shannon Courtney’s CRAZY HOT back workout!