2 New Clips & Gallery Added – Featuring Brooke Walker & J-Pomp!

NEW GALLERY of Brooke & Amy now available in the members area – JOIN NOW!

Today’s update at PremiumPhysiques has 2 of the most impressive muscle girls of 2022!   First up, long-time veteran Brooke Walker with a new gallery on the page entitled “Brooke and Amy the C8“.   Premium American Muscle Power!   Then, for some video of Brooke, once again check the page entitled “Brooke’s Summer in the Gym & a Bikini” for some super impressive upper body video action, as Brooke works delts and triceps from Wild Horse Gym.

Next, for some crazy calves and sexy legs, check out the Julia DiPompeo page entitled “J-Pomp at Jakked Gym“.    While in the squat rack, J-Pomp flexes and does some calf exercises that will leave you gasping for air – Those legs are insane!

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2 New Clips of Massive Brooke – HOT Muscle Flexin’ Clips Added!

Brooke’s page, “Summer time in the Gym and a Bikini” features rock hard offseason shape and size! JOIN NOW!

Brooke Walker fans – REJOICE!   2 super sexy clips of the Marilyn Monroe of Muscle have been added to 2 different pages here at PremiumPhysiques!   First up, for some sexy bedroom style posing, you’ll see the final clip added on the page of the 2022 Shreveport – Sexy Muscle Shoot!  Then, for some hot and steamy humid outdoor sweaty muscle flexing, see the new clip added on the page of Brooke – Summertime in the Gym and a Bikini page.   Rockin’ a smokin’ hot new bikini – this is one that you’re sure to love!

Now….. big announcement!   For fans of CRAZY CALVES!!!!!   We’ve got an awesome new video of IFBB Figure Pro and mega-sized calves queen….. Stephanie Koerber, over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Female Muscle Store, in the HDPhysiques Clips Studio.   Get it today to show Stephanie your support!   She has agreed that…. if this clip sells well, she will open her own studio at HDPhysiques.TV!   So, if you like HUGE calves, and want to see more of them…. pick up this awesome new video today!

SEXY shoot from Shreveport – Now available at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN NOW!

INSANE CALVES! Go to HDPhysiques.TV and grab the new video of MEGA-SIZED CALVES QUEEN Stephanie Koerber!

Hey – Time to Warm It Up With Brooke in a HOT Bikini – NEW PAGE ADDED!

Brooke’s new page, “Summer time in the Gym and a Bikini” features rock hard offseason shape and size! JOIN NOW!

Fans of HOT BLONDE MUSCLE – look no further!   With a spring warm-up right around the corner, we’ve decided to heat things up a little early here at PremiumPhysiques by releasing a brand new page featuring fan favorite Brooklyn T Walker!   On the new page entitled “Brooke – Summer in the Gym and a Bikini” you’ll find the first 3 videos (more to come!) along with the first 3 photo galleries (also, more to come!).   This is when Brooke was in a rock hard offseason shape….. she was building tons of mass, but still super lean, where every muscle pops and deep cuts are easily seen.  Literally Perfect, and literally one of the best physiques on the entire planet!   We were thrilled to see Brooke finally get the recognition she deserves by winning 3rd place in the Olympia later in the year.

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Brooke’s Wild Strength in the Offseason – 2 New Vids!

2 HOT VIDS of the STUNNING Brooke Walker – JOIN PremiumPhysiques for more!

Hey fellas…. we just got back from the awesome 2021 NPC Nationals, where we shot with 5 amazing new women for the site, and also provided some support to NPC News for their contest coverage!   It was a tiring and busy weekend, but fun connecting with old friends and new models.  We have some amazing new content on the way!    We’ve got a quick video update today, and then more coming later this week or early next week.  For today, please check out the 2 new video clips we just added on the page of Brooke Walker – Wildhorse Offseason 2021 for 2 amazing new clips featuring Brooke’s crazy strength and sexy muscle posing!

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2 Clips of SEXY Brooke Doing Some Hot Posing and Training at Wild Horse!

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Today we’ve got a 2 video update of the amazing Brooklyn T. Walker!   On the Brooke Walker – Spring 2021 at Wild Horse Page, you’ll see 2 new clips added featuring Brooke training back, and the doing some hot physique posing!   Then stay tuned for another update in a few days with more CONTEST shape footage!   It’s an awesome time to be a member at PremiumPhysiques!

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Carli Terepka’s MAMMOTH Biceps!!! Join PremiumPhysiques NOW for EPIC Clips!

These suckers are just about 18″ now. Look out Katie Lee! Carli is bringing it to the gun show!

Fans of GIGANTIC biceps at their maximum strength, will no doubt LOVE this weekend’s PremiumPhysiques update!    We’ve got 2 new clips on the page of HDPhysiques sponsored athlete, Carli Terepka in the Dungeon!   Just fair warning…… if you’re scared of BIG BEEFY BICEPS, don’t click on that page!   Carli’s gunz are at their hugest and most epic ever.   These 2 clips will leave you with no doubt, that Carli is right up there with fellow PP models, Katie Lee & Brooke Walker, as having some of the most amazing upper bodies in the entire female muscle world!

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New Vids of Kass Gillis & Carli Terepka Added to the Members Area!

Absolutely SHREDDED! Shot just 2 days ago after her STL Pro Win, Carli’s NEW sexy studio shoot video now available in her Clips Store at HDPhysiques.TV!

Tremendous new clips now available in the PremiumPhysiques members area!  Check out new videos on the pages of the stunning Canadian Kass Gillis, on the Kass Gillis in Vegas page….  and then, another monster off-season powerful muscle clip of new 2021 St. Louis Pro WPD Champion, Carli Terepka in the Dungeon!    We are very proud of HDP/PremiumPhysiques SPONSORED ATHLETE Carli Terepka for her huge win in St. Louis.  She took 3 years off, since her pro debut at the 2018 Tampa Pro…. and she came back having put on tons of muscle (as you see in today’s clip), and then got into her most incredible conditioning ever!   Tons of new content coming here to PremiumPhysiques, as well as Carli’s Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV!   So, with all of that news…. let us remind you…. now would be a great time to take advantage of our 2021 St. Louis Pro PROMOTIONS!!!   You can save big with the HDP/PP combo membership, as well as get FREE videos from HDPhysiques.TV, the female muscle store!   Shot just 2 days ago, we already have Carli’s brand new video up from her sexy studio shoot the day after the St. Louis Pro – get it today and show her your support!

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MASS MUSCLE ATTACK! All New Hailey Wegner Vids Added – HUGE!

Hailey has a HUGE upper body – JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for tremendous new vids added!

Hey fellas!  Check it out – we’ve got a HOT update here at PremiumPhysiques today, featuring the lovely and MEGA-POWERFUL “big fig” competitor, Hailey Wegner! On the recently added “Hailey Wegner in the Dungeon” page, you’ll see 2 new clips that we just added, one featuring her massive tree-trunk legs, and 1 featuring her jacked upper body!    We have much more on the way with huge Hailey in the months ahead…. you’ll be blown away!

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NEW Vid & Gallery Added Featuring Mel Brodsky & Hailey Double D-Damn Delf!

Melissa has some of the best shaped biceps EVER! Check out this amazing NEW video today!

Sexy Blondes UPDATED in today’s members area update at PremiumPhysiques!    First up…. for WPD athletes, we’ve got a new GALLERY on the page of Hailey Delf in Long Beach, when she was in contest shape for the 2019 Legions Sports Festival.  Then, for figure girls (who may one day switch to WPD because they got TONS of muscle!), check out the new clip added on the page of Melissa Brodsky – The New Pro!    Nobody does HOT BLONDE MUSCLE like PremiumPhysiques – that seems to be our specialty, folks!    Whether it’s Carli, Melissa, Hailey, Brooke, the list goes on and on…. only the finest in female muscle at PremiumPhysiques – JOIN NOW!

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2 New Clips of the GORGEOUS Kaitie Hart Added to the PP Members Area!

SUPER HOT! All new Kaitie Hart – JOIN NOW!!!

The stunningly HOT Kaitie Hart is back with 2 new clips on the page of “Kaitie Hart’s Powerful Gym Work – July 2020“.    Here, Kaitie does some posing for stills, and then trains back with some intensity and flexing!   There’s never been a better time to be a member at PremiumPhysiques – wait til you see what we got planned for the months ahead….. it’s gonna be amazing, folks!   Get your membership today!