4 NEW Clips of NEW MODEL Morgan Payne added at PremiumPhysiques!

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The popularity of new model Morgan Payne is off the hook!   We were begged by fans to immediately add more to her page, so that is exactly what we did for today’s update, folks!    Check out 4 new clips now available on the Morgan Payne – STL Muscle Bomb event page.    We’ve got a lot more on the way – many more sexy galleries, as well as over 25 more video clips in addition to these original 8 on her page.   Stay tuned for lots more of one of the hottest new HDP/PremiumPhysiques models – a muscle explosion!

World class glutes, legs, and more – 4 more clips added today on the page of super new model, Morgan Payne!

NEW MODEL – NEW PAGE! The Awesome Morgan Payne Now Available!

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HUGE NEWS – The Amazing Morgan Payne is now available at PremiumPhysiques!    This stunning young physique/figure competitor (yes, she’s a “tweener”) is now part of PremiumPhysiques, and we recently had an amazing series of 4 shoots in St. Louis, MO (HDP headquarters).   We had 2 shoots the Dungeon Gym, 1 at Wildhorse Gym, and 1 at Creve Coeur Lake park.    Morgan packs a super rare combination of powerful muscle, with runway model looks.  She’s going to be a fixture here for a long time to come.

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Carli Terepka in FANTASTIC Ripped Shape – New Clips Added!

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Hey gang!   If you love hot blondes with big muscles, you’re going to love the 2 new clips added, in RIPPED CONTEST SHAPE, of Carli Terepka in Tampa 2.   Posing in a hot yellow bikini, Carli has it all.  She’s put together like no other!   JOIN PremiumPhysiques today and don’t miss a thing!

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3 UNREAL 4K Clips of Torry Walker & More Added!

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Nice update today at Premium!   Check out 3 new videos of Brooklyn Torrance Walker & her friend Kara Sullivan, as they train at 365 Fitness in Conway Arkansas in spring/summer 2019.

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Rock hard abs – Kara Sullivan joins Brooke Walker in the gym – JOIN PP now!

Brooke Walker Vids added to the Members Area – Awesome Muscularity!

2 NEW Amazing Vids of Brooke Walker in our members area – JOIN PremiumPhysiques now!

One of our most incredible shoots in recent memory was our outstanding Fit Nation Trio – Katie Lee, Brooke Walker, & Tara Brandt, from January 2019.   See 2 more videos, of Brooke Walker this time, added on the Fit Nation Trio page.

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HUGE, KILLER BICEPS – All New Katie Lee Page Added!

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America’s best biceps – Katie Lee is back with new page here at PremiumPhysiques!   On the brand new Katie Lee in Raleigh page, you’ll see Katie at her biggest and leanest yet, with those biceps powering in at over 17″ in ripped contest shape.  Unreal!

On the new page, we start off with the first 4 video clips and 2 photo galleries….. with more hot video on the way soon!   By signing up for PremiumPhysiques, you are supporting HDPhysiques’ sponsored athletes, like Katie, Brooke, Beefnuggette, Carli and more!   So, thank you for your support of these amazing athletes!

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ALL NEW Galleries of Muscular Powerhouses Katie Lee & Brooke Walker!

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We’ve added members area galleries today that will leave you speechless!  First up, Brooklyn Torrance Walker – we’ve got 3 new galleries from her Winter 2019 Shoots in St. Louis MO (HDPhysiques headquarters).   Brooke is lean and mean and looking absolutely sensational in these galleries…. in 3 different outfits.

Next up, we’ve got the final gallery added on the page for Katie Lee at Evocative Studios in 2018.   This sexy studio shoot shows off massive Katie’s muscles like never before… and she’s super lean because it took place right after her 1st place tie at the 2018 STL Pro Show.

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BeefyNuggs Works Her Powerful Chest in 2 NEW Clips!

New clips on the page of Beefnugette at USA Gym – JOIN PremiumPhysiques now!

Awesome update today at PremiumPhysiques featuring the unreal Beefnuggette!   On the Beefnuggette at USA Gym page, check out 2 brand new videos featuring Paige powering through an intense chest workout from one of the most hardcore gyms in the country.   These videos are clear, vivid, and HOT!   JOIN PremiumPhysiques now and don’t miss a thing!

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NEW PAGE ADDED – Brooke Walker Winter 2019 RIPPED Shoots!

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We’ve got a special treat for you today, folks!   America’s favorite “literally perfect” muscle girl, Brooklyn T. Walker, is back with a new page entitled “Brooke Walker – 2019 Winter Shoots – RIPPED!”   This page will be made up of 3 amazing shoots from late December 2018 to late February 2019.  In other words… it’s BRAND NEW content featuring Brooke at her biggest and best EVER!   Her trademark abs, massive delts, huge biceps, and now, highly improved quads and calves…. are SURE to please!   And remember, if you like what you see here of the awesome Brooke Walker – there’s MUCH MORE Brooke available over at her “Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio” at HDPhysiques.TV – go show your support!

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Carli’s Massive Biceps make for Sexy Videos!

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2 AMAZING new videos added on the page of the stunning Carli Terepka and her Yellow Bikinis!   If you’re a fan of upper body muscle, these 2 clips are absolutely mind-blowing.  Totally sexy, powerful, and ripped female muscle.  And all this muscle on one of the youngest IFBB Pro Physique girls in the world!   Join PremiumPhysiques now for the amazing Carli Terepka!