SEXY POSING from Olympia Legend Heather Armbrust!

Olympia Legend Heather Armbrust – HUGE SEXY MUSCLE!

On the page for Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns, be sure to check out the latest amazing video of Heather posing her super sexy physique at Laguna Beach. She’s simply phenomenal – JOIN NOW!

Heather Armbrust – BIG QUADS, sexy posing!

New video of Heather Armbrust added – HUGE, SEXY MUSCLE!

The incomparable Quad Queen herself, has a new video on the Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns page. It’s pretty incredible watching Heather flex and pose – nobody does it better! Enjoy this hot new clip and stay tuned for more later this week! – Tanya

New videos of Tanya’s upper body and the incomparable Heather Armbrust!

Heather Armbrust & Tanya Hyde – MASSIVE MUSCLE POWER!

See 2 new amazing videos in the members section! First on the Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns page, featuring Heather’s massive arms and glutes, and then one of my biceps and triceps getting some sexy flexin’ in from the Tanya and Shannon Courtney at Iron Gym page. Enjoy your weekend folks! – Tanya

New videos of Heather Armbrust Legs and Tanya Hyde Triceps

WOW! Heather Armbrust has MASSIVE LEGS!

See the phenomenal legs and full body posing of Heather Armbrust on the Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns page. Also, a clip from 2013 where I’m training triceps, then do some posing at Powerhouse Gym on the Powerhouse Gym 4 page. Stay tuned for more hot photos and vids later this week! – Tanya adds new vids of Heather Armbrust and more!

MASSIVE and Muscular! New vids of Heather Armbrust and Tanya

Hey everyone – please take a look at the awesome new vids added on the pages of Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns, and the Rikki Smead and Tanya flex at Laguna Beach page. Nothing like some sexy videos to brighten your day, right? Enjoy these hot vids and stay tuned for some great new stuff on the way! – T

AWESOME new sexy clip of Heather Armbrust added and more!

Sexy Legs training video and HUGE Heather Armbrust Flexing!

Check out some super sexy flexing by the amazing Heather on the Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns page, and then one of me training legs with Shannon Courtney on the Shannon and Tanya at Iron Gym page. Enjoy and stay tuned for more amazing vids and photos coming on Sunday! Have a great weekend, everyone! – T

New Gallery & Video of “Quadzilla” Heather Armbrust added to the TF members section!

Hot Photos and Video of HUGE Heather Armbrust Added!

Hey gang, hope you’re having a great weekend! Check out a brand new video and gallery I just added over on the Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns page. Heather looks PHENOMENAL! This clip features Heather’s finest bodyparts – those killer legs and glutes! Stay tuned for more vids coming later this week. Enjoy your week guys – Tanya

2 more hot clips of the one & only, Heather Armbrust, added to the members section!

HUGE MUSCLE – More Heather Armbrust Clips Added!

Hey guys, I hope you’ve been enjoying the site! Here’s 2 more clips of my AMAZING new guest model, Heather Armbrust! Now 6 clips have been added to the Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns page, and we have much more on the way, and more galleries too! So stay tuned for some awesome new content. Thank you for joining! – Tanya

New Guest Model – One of the greatest FBB’s of all-time, HEATHER ARMBRUST!

HUGE NEWS! My latest guest model is HEATHER ARMBRUST!

HUGE announcement here at! My latest guest model is the beautiful female bodybuilding superstar, Heather Armbrust! Despite not having competed in several years, she still has one of the most unbelievable physiques on the planet. I’m extremely honored to present Heather Armbrust – Quadzilla Returns! Thank you for joining and supporting me and my guest models! – Tanya