New Clips of LEGGY AMAZON J-Hoff Added to the PP Members Area!

Glutes, Biceps, Back…. Carli is HUGE and the complete package – JOIN NOW!

Hey gang – we’ve got a hot update for you today, that is…. if you’re into TALL MUSCULAR AMAZONS!    And, since most of you probably are…. let me show you the way!   On the page entitled “J-Hoff’s Leg Day at the Dungeon“, you’ll find 2 new clips of one of the tallest and sexiest muscle models on the PremiumPhysiques roster!    And in these 2 clips, she’s training legs and looking absolutely sensational!

Additionally, we’ve added another new gallery of MASSIVE Carli Terepka at Venice Beach!    In gallery 6, another stunning 20 photos are added showcasing “Big Carlissimo” at her biggest and most powerful size ever!

Also – get ready to check out a brand new Melinda Lindmark video coming this week in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV!

This 5’10” “Big Philly Cheesesteak” is the latest sponsored athlete at PremiumPhysiques – please welcome Jess Hoffman by joining PremiumPhysiques today!

Ripped Wellness Muscle – New Clips of Kass G-Fit Added!

MASSIVE Meat Grinders! Join now for the stunning legs of Kass G-Fit!

We’ve got some sexy new wellness vids for you today!   Kass G-Fit is back with 2 new clips on the page of “Kass G in the Dungeon and Studio“….. where as the name implies, some of the clips feature Kass at the Dungeon Pro Gym (in STL – HDPhysiques HQ), and some are from Evocative Studios…. a place where we can do some sexy studio shooting!

In addition, you can also check out the Brooke Walker Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV, where she just added another video from her summer workout in Shreveport, LA.   Sexy muscle getting totally pumped up!   Get it today and show your support!

J-Hoff Works Legs at the Dungeon – 2 New Vids Added!

2 New Clips of the stunning 5’11” “Big Philly Cheesesteak” added in today’s update. JOIN NOW!

BIG J-Hoff is back!  Our figure specimen and soon-to-be IFBB Pro, Jess Hoffman, has 2 new leg training and posing videos on the page entitled “J-Hoff’s Leg Day at the Dungeon” – the pro gym in St Louis that caters to bodybuilders.   These 2 videos are must see for leg fans!

Also, we had 2 new galleries that we were going to add to this update, however, the hotel we are currently in is being a bitch and won’t let us upload to our server thru their wifi.   So…… give us a few more days and the next update will be extra big and have extra content, because we’ll be adding those 2 galleries to it.  Thanks for your patience!

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Holy crap! Look at those calves and booty! Head over to the Tara Suzanne Studio at HDPhysiques.TV for the ultimate leg workout and flexing video from Tara Suzanne!

NEW PAGE ADDED! Kass G-Fit at the Olympia – MASSIVE LEGS!

If HUGE, powerful legs are your thing…. then now’s the time to JOIN PremiumPhysiques for the ultra-impressive, Kass Gillis!

Hey gang….. we’ve got a sensational new page to kick off the year 2022!   Especially if you’re a fan of gigantic muscular ripped legs!   When we first shot and featured Kass Gillis here at PremiumPhysiques, she was a figure girl with tremendous pro potential in January of 2020.   Well, shortly after that, she exploded on the scene….. got her pro card in figure, then spent the next year and half training to become one of the biggest, most impressive new IFBB Wellness Pros in the entire Pro circuit.   In her first year as a Wellness Pro, she qualified for the 2021 Olympia by winning the Chicago Pro (another weekend when we shot with her, with amazing new content coming soon!), and then kicked ass at the Olympia, being awarded a post-Olympia shoot with top industry photographer JM Manion.   On the new page, Kass G at the 2021 Olympia, you’ll find our first 2 members area galleries, as well as the first 3 video clips.   More on the way, as well!

Thank you for joining PremiumPhysiques and showing your support of this amazing athlete!     Also, if you love BICEPS, be sure to check out the new Katie Lee video at HDPhysiques.TV!

Those quads are absolutely MASSIVE! Join now for the incredible Kass G by clicking here!

HUGE ARMS! New Katie Lee clip over at HDPhysiques.TV – get it today and show your support as she battles back from a devastating disease that troubled her in 2021!

HOLY RIPPED! 2 New Jill Diorio Vids Added – EPIC CALVES!

Jill's massive calves and ripped hamstrings - Join Now for this most amazing of models!

Jill’s massive calves and ripped hamstrings – Join Now for this most amazing of models!

If you’re in the mood for some SMOKING HOT killer legs – check out the 2 new videos we just added on the Jill Diorio – Desert Fire Calves Page!   We’ve got lots more on the way featuring Jill.   We’re meeting up with her for new shoots again soon – so be on the look out of this amazing top level Olympian and IFBB Pro!

SHREDDED RIPPED QUADS – New Shoot with Erin Twiggs!

Join PremiumPhysiques now for the latest shoot with Twiggy's RIPPED legs!

Join PremiumPhysiques now for the latest shoot with Twiggy’s RIPPED legs!

Can't get enough of Twiggy!  What a cute and lovely lady, with unreal vascular and shredded muscle!

Can’t get enough of Twiggy! What a cute and lovely lady, with unreal vascular and shredded muscle!

We are proud to showcase another new page for the NEW PRO Erin Twiggs – SUPER SHREDDED!  This is a combination of TWO shoots with Erin… first in a green bikini from her Pro Card Winning weekend in New Jersey in early July. Then, our late summer shoot with her in a slightly less conditioned off-season shape, but still with amazing cuts, even striations, in her muscles.  The quads on this girl…. simply unspeakable. Among the best we’ve ever filmed… super lean and mega strong! JOIN today for this AMAZING model and killer new footage!


PremiumPhysiques has added 10 videos this week alone of some of the hottest muscle girls on the planet! In today’s updates, check out the stunningly gorgeous Brooke Walker in Charleston, SC flexing her powerful legs, biceps, and ripped abs. And then, on the Katie Lee and Tanya Hyde at AussieFit Gym – HUGE ARMS page, check out Katie pumping up her thickly capped delts and her legendary, peaked biceps! JOIN PREMIUM PHYSIQUES today for the very best in female muscle!

Sexy legs video added – this is how you get awesome quads!

Check out the new clip on the page for Shannon Courtney and Tanya at Iron Gym – Tanya working her huge and powerful quads – this is how it’s done, folks!

STRONG muscular legs to send off 2014! New clips of Tanya and Shannon’s Powerful Legs!

SUPER STRONG LEGS and SEXY GLUTES to wrap up 2014!

2 new clips today, fellas! Check out the new vids on the pages of Shannon Courtney and Tanya at Iron Gym and The Sexy Lingerie in LA shoot! Both Shannon and I show off our power and flex our huge stems! Enjoy your new years celebration. Stay tuned for 2015 – the best is yet to come here at – mark my words! – Tanya

Tanya’s Massive Muscular Legs – Awesome Quads and Calves!


See a hot new clip of some massive muscle flexing at Fort Lauderdale Beach – Can you handle these MONSTER calves and quads? Thanks for joining! More vids on the way this weekend – Tanya