Lower Body Muscle Power – Check out Olympia Competitor Julia DiPompeo’s NEW VIDS!

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The tremendously muscular and gorgeous legs of Figure Olympian, Julia DiPompeo, are once again featured here at PremiumPhysiques, this time better than EVER!    On the page of “Julia DiPompeo – Big Muscle At American Family Fitness“, you’ll see a nice long calves clip, working the calf raises and then doing some flexing.   Then, for near-contest shape ultimate GLUTES and hammies, check out the eye-popping clip on the page of “Julia’s MEGA-Power Olympia Prep!”   This figure Olympian is one of the most impressive specimens of female muscle in the world today.   We are literally intimidated every time we shoot with her.  And we can’t say that about virtually anyone else.   Her muscle is so dense and thick, you can just tell she is a world class athlete built by years of competitive athletics at a high level.

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Tremendous Muscle of Julia DiPompeo As She Preps for the Olympia – JOIN NOW!

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The incredible Julia DiPompeo at AFF Gym – you won’t believe the upper body blasting workout here where Julia absolutely demolishes her incredible capped shoulders along with some big biceps pumping action – this has to be seen to be believed!   The 2 new videos on the page will leave you wanting more…. and believe me, we’ve got plenty more on the way.   2 Additional shoots with Julia in even better shape…..  The Jakked Gym shoot (already on the site with much more content to come) and a NEW 2022 Olympia shoot (on the way), will show you how truly phenomenal this amazing athlete is.

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Ready for RIPPED? 2 New Clips & New Gallery of Brooke’s Leg Day in Contest Shape!

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Hey fellas….. there’s nothing better than seeing a gorgeous ripped blonde muscle machine in the gym!   And that’s what the folks at The Dungeon Pro Gym saw on the day when Brooke Walker, in ripped contest shape, showed up for Leg Day and some full body posing and flexing practice!    On the page entitled – Brooke’s Crazy Contest Prep Leg Day, you’ll see 2 new clips as well as a new photo gallery from that incredible day, just days out from the 2021 Phoenix Pro Show, where Brooke eventually won and punched her ticket to the Olympia.

Also, in other news….. we just finished several days of shoots with PremiumPhysiques athlete, Paige Sandgren (AKA – BEEFNUGGETTE), in ripped contest shape from her recent competition – the 2022 North Americans.   So, stay tuned for NEW STUFF coming right here at PremiumPhysiques, as well as a new clips coming to her Beefnuggette Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV – with the first clip coming TODAY!!!   Purchase it today and show your support for Nuggy!

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Walker Wows Again with Tremendous Biceps and More!

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Brooklyn T Walker, amazing HDPhysiques/PremiumPhysiques sponsored athlete, once again pleasing fans in today’s update with 2 tremendously hot gym clips.   At the beginning of her prep last summer, she’s already in tremendous shape here, and the gym work done at Wild Horse Fitness features some tremendous upper body work with full body gorgeous physique posing!   See the “Brooke – Summer in the Gym and a Bikini” page for the 2 latest clips!

Also stay tuned for new shoots from this past weekend, as we had Brooke in town for a round of sexy new shoots!   See a quick sample below!

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Quick sample of all new Brooke – at her BIGGEST size yet – shot just this past weekend in STL. Coming soon to PP – JOIN NOW!

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NEW EVENT PAGE added – Autumn Swansen at Lake Decatur Galleries!

Check out those killer biceps!  Join PremiumPhysiques now for amazing Olympian, Autumn Swansen!

Check out those killer biceps! Join PremiumPhysiques now for amazing Olympian, Autumn Swansen!

One of the top physique girls in the world! Check out the new page featuring Autumn’s photos from just before the 2016 Olympia. We did these about 4 weeks out at Lake Decatur in Illinois. Gorgeous looks and ripped muscle – it doesn’t get any better than this, folks! Oh, and did we mention that cute hat? LOL

BRAND NEW Dani Reardon Now Available – RIPPED Olympian!

Join PremiumPhysiques now for the stunning new videos on the way of top IFBB Pro and Olympian, Dani Reardon!

Join PremiumPhysiques now for the stunning new videos on the way of top IFBB Pro and Olympian, Dani Reardon!

Powerful, shredded, vascular – the Lil Monstar, Dani Reardon, has it all! Check out the latest phenomenal shoot page added here at, the Dani Reardon – Ripped Olympian event page!!! This page kicks off with 4 stunningly hot new videos, with much more on the way!