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The massive muscles of Sheronica Henton from Denton, featured in today’s update – JOIN NOW!

Hey gang, for this weekend’s update we’ve got 2 of the brightest stars from 2021 featured in the members area.   Check it out!   We’ve got a new video clip of some MASSIVE LEGS of Kassandra Gillis, on the page “Kass G-Fit at the Olympia“, shot the day after her Olympia debut in Oct of 2021.    Then, for some stunning photos, check out the top WPD Pro Sheronica Henton at the NY Pro – a new gallery has been added and Sheronica looks absolutely amazing!

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Those quads are absolutely MASSIVE! Join now for the incredible Kass G!

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Hey gang!  We’ve got an awesome early week update for you today…. with a BIG one coming this Saturday (another ALL NEW Event page will be added!).  Today, we’ve got new clips on the pages of Sheronica Henton (from Denton), at the 2021 New York Pro Show, as well as the final clip on the page of Carli Terepka – Massive at the Dungeon in 2020!   These clips are awesome… with Sheronica in ripped contest shape… while Carli is in a super powerful offseason thickness, where she was building the mass required to take her to the 2021 Olympia!  We are super proud of both of these amazing ladies.  PremiumPhysiques is where you’ll find the TOP Olympians…. and the top female muscle in all of the sport!

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Big strong biceps! Sheronica hits the mark once again – check out her page and JOIN PremiumPhysiques today!

NEW EVENT PAGE ADDED – Sheronica Henton at the 2021 NY Pro!

Big strong biceps! Sheronica hits the mark once again – check out her new shoot page and JOIN PremiumPhysiques today!

Top quality OLYMPIAN level muscle added again today here at PremiumPhysiques!    We are proud to welcome the incredible WPD Pro and multi-time Olympian, Sheronica “She-Rock” Henton from Denton!   On the new Sheronica Henton at the 2021 NY Pro page, you’ll find the first 2 members area galleries that we just added, as well as the first 3 video clips, of this amazing trailblazing athlete!   Sheronica has flexing and posing down to a science, and nobody does it better than this top rated pro.   We look forward to seeing what’s next for Sheronica as she continues to work her way back to the Olympia stage where she belongs!

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