4 New Galleries of Ripped Olympian Brooke Walker Added!

3 Brand New Galleries added on the page for Brooke at Pack Animal Fitness in Olympia Shape! JOIN NOW for this pure awesomeness!

In today’s update, we did a little bit of house-cleaning, moving some content around, and adding 4 new galleries of the astonishing Brooklyn T. Walker.   On the recently added “Brooke in St Petersburg” page, we changed the name of the page to “Brooke – Olympia Shape in St Pete – Pack Animal” because it’s her gym shoot at Pack Animal Fitness.   On that page, we got rid of the previous beach content (see below), and made this an all gym-shoot page.   So, it has the first 4 video clips that were added last week, and now has 3 photo galleries (with much more on the way) of brand new contest shape ripped Brooke!   Then, we created a new page for the outdoor beach work in St Pete….  the new page is called “Brooke – Olympia Shape on the Beach” and features the first 3 photo galleries from that epic evening on the beach, with absolutely gorgeous lighting, highlighting the most fabulous female physique in the world!

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The most perfect physique girl on the planet! JOIN NOW for the awesome Brooklyn Walker!