Carli & Kass – BIG Muscle Update in the PP Members Area!

Carli is MASSIVE! Shapely biceps and so much more – see the new gallery today by clicking here after you join PP!

PremiumPhysiques is excited about today’s update, folks!   2 of your favorites from the 2022 season, we’ve got pages updated with some pretty hot and tremendous muscle!    First up, for photo galleries, we’ve got new pics of the stunning Carli Terepka on the page entitled Carli is HUGE in 2022!   Shot outside of Wild Horse Fitness in Ballwin MO, Carli is jacked in her offseason and still ROCK HARD!   What a tremendous physique – check it out today!

Then, for lovers of massive legs – you’re gonna love the 2 video clips added today on the page of Kass Gillis in the Dungeon & Studio.   Kass works her huge gams from both front and back and it is a sight to behold, folks!   The first video focuses on her gigantic meaty quads, while the 2nd shows off her crazy hammies as she does “leg biceps” curls.  Wow does she look sensational or what!

Plus, we just released another Brooke Walker update in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV Clips Studio.   In the “Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio” Brooke has posted part 4 of her “Crazy Contest Prep Series”.   If you want mind-blowing ripped muscle of one of the top 3 in the world, HDPhysiques.TV is the place to get it!

MASSIVE Meat Grinders! Join now for the stunning legs of Kass G-Fit!

Check out the brand new video of Brooklyn Torrance Walkerton over in the Arkansas Ranger Clips Studio at HDPhysiques.TV! Get it today and show your support for Brookie!