Members Area Update Featuring Katie Lee, Jess Hoffman, & Julia DiPompeo!

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Hey Premium Members, we’ve got a nice update for you today with another one coming in a few days.   This one featuring 3 different models, all with very different shapes and looks!    First up, for some CONTEST SHAPE super lean muscle, we’ve got the ripped mega-quads of Julia DiPompeo on the page called “J-Pomp at Jakked Gym” – see a video of tremendous quads training following by some amazing posing!    Then next up, for a MASSIVE off-season mass gaining stage, check out the video of the ENORMOUS “J-Hoff” (Jessica Hoffman) on the page entiteld “J-Hoff – Big Physical Specimen“.   Absolutely enormous biceps, back, and more!    And finally, for some hot photos, see some outdoor shots of Katie Lee from Wild Horse Fitness, flexing the worlds greatest arms.

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Look at this absolute specimen of a BEAST! J-Pomp is crushin’ the weights at JAKKED Gym in the latest clips. JOIN NOW!