Brooke in 2 Different Styles – RIPPED Contest Shape and Massive Offseason!

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Today we show a “Before and After” like never before.   In both of the highlighted clips in today’s update, Brooklyn T Walker trains legs and then does some posing.   But the difference is….. this shows you the difference between “off-season” (before prep) and “contest shape” (just a week before the Olympia).  One extreme to the other.   In the first clip, Brooke trains legs at PHG MD, and you’ll see her massive size and strength in a super sexy outfit.   This was shot in April of last year when Brooke joined HDPhysiques on our annual DelMarVa shoot trip.   Months before she started her Olympia prep, and she is thick and meaty!    And then, in the 2nd clip, it’s from the SudaFit Gym Shoot, shot just a week before the 2023 Olympia.   Here, she is shredded to the EXTREME.  You can see every vascular detail thru her paper-thin skin.   It is really a sight to behold, folks.   Watch these 2 clips back to back and see what you think!

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Glorious Glutes! It’s leg day at PHG MD and Brooke dressed very appropriately! JOIN NOW for this amazing page with much more to come!

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