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Massive WPD Competitor Carli Terepka is back with a new page here at PremiumPhysiques!   Filmed recently at Wild Horse Fitness in STL, Carli does a fantastic combination of gym work combined with full body and up-close sexy flexing and posing.   Never before have you seen her at this enormous size….  her biceps are literally about to explode!   Her quads are huge and thick and massive, her back and chest are thick and meaty, and those arms are literally obnoxious!   One the new page entitled – Carli is HUGE 2022 New Muscle, you’ll see the first 3 videos in 4K resolution video, along with the first 3 members area photo galleries.   And…. there’s much more on the way!

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Over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Brooke Walker Clips Studio has been updated with a hot new sexy 80’s clip – get it today to support Brooke!

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