NEW PAGE ADDED – New PremiumPhysiques Model Hailey in the Dungeon!

The massive arms of gorgeous Hailey Wegner as she prepares for her next competition. JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for more coverage!

HUGE NEWS!   We’ve got a new event page launching from this past week’s shoot with the phenomenal NPC Figure Competitor, Hailey Wegner!   On the new “Hailey Wegner at the Dungeon” page, you’ll see Hailey absolutely destroying the weights as she sculpts her physique to perfection as she nears the 10-week out mark from her upcoming shows this summer.   She’s getting lean as you can see by the tremendous vascularity in her arms, and her shapely V-taper physique.   The first 3 photo galleries are up, as well as the first 4 video clips from our amazing shoot.

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Look at that literally perfect V-Taper! Hailey is gonna be tough to beat as she goes for that pro card this summer!