New Clips of TALL Massive Figure Pro Hailey Wegner & Gallery of HUGE Julia Foery!

HUGE and MASSIVE! New videos and galleries of Hailey Wegner 3 available now! JOIN PremiumPhysiques today!

We’ve got an INCREDIBLE update here at PremiumPhysiques today with two gorgeous blondes that have more muscle than you can imagine.   Check it out!   First up, for still photo galleries, we’ve got a new gallery of gorgeous and hot pictures of the massive FBB, Julia Foery at WHF.   Sizzlin shots!

Then, for video clips, we’ve got some tremendous long leg muscle, and some vascular biceps, featuring the lovely Hailey Wegner 3.   Very rare to find this much muscle on such a tall figure physique.   She’s a SPECIMEN!

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New Galleries of Brooke, Beefnuggette, & New Vids of Big Hailey!

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This is an incredible update today at PremiumPhysiques, folks!    We have a little bit of everything to keep everyone happy!   First up, for videos, we’ve added an epic new massive biceps clip featuring true AMAZON, Hailey Wegner, on the Hailey Wegner 3 – Thick n Meaty Page!    Then, for still photo galleries, we’ve have some very special shots!    First up, 2 new amazing galleries of a CONTEST SHAPE Beefnuggette in STL, 2022, and this time, she’s wearing some super sexy lingerie!   See the samples and then head over to those galleries to be wowed!   And finally, long-time PremiumPhysiques staple….. the gorgeous Brooke Walker is featuring in another new photo set on the page entitled “Brooke and Amy the C8“.    Like we said…. a tremendous update with lots of variety – ENJOY!

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New Clips of Hailey Wegner & Carli Terepka Added – Join the Members Area Today!

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Hey gang – it’s time for another GREAT update here at PremiumPhysiques!   Upper body fans are gonna dig this one – we’ve got the tremendous muscle models Hailey Wegner & Carli Terepka, both back for some muscle blasting upper body pump action.   First up, for fans of ripped conditioning and awesome vascularity, check out the contest shape clip of Hailey Wegner 2 – at WildHorse Gym.   Then, for the absolute hugest and biggest Carli mass muscle clips yet….. check out the page – Carli is HUGE – Summer 2022, as she visited Wild Horse in her offseason and pounded out some huge reps for arms, and then did lots of biceps and triceps flexing.   Two gorgeous blondes, doing their thing….. destroying HUGE weights in the gym and absolutely dominating!

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NEW PAGE Featuring a Big & Beefy Hailey Wegner – Now Available – JOIN TODAY!

HUGE and MASSIVE! New videos and galleries of Hailey Wegner 3 available now! JOIN PremiumPhysiques today!

If you like HUGE amazon-like figure competitors…. like nearly 6 ft tall and very muscular….. you are really gonna like the new page featuring PremiumPhysiques fan-favorite Hailey Wegner.    On the Hailey Wegner 3 – Thick n Meaty page, you’ll see the first 4 videos and first 2 photo galleries of this stunning IFBB Figure Pro.   You’ll see her throwing around some big girl weights, and doing plenty of flexing and posing.  She got her pro card not long before this, and you can see why – her shape, form, and muscle density is pure magic.

In addition, if you haven’t been over to the Female Muscle Store lately, you’ll want to go check out the new clip added in the Katie Lee’s Peak Power Clips Studio!    Katie is destroying some weights in the final clip of her “upper body blast” at Powerhouse Gym, MD.

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New Brooke Gallery & New Hailey Wegner Video Added – JOIN TODAY!

INSANELY ripped! New photos of Brooke Walker added in the members area! JOIN NOW!

Hey folks – we’ve got an update today with 2 of your favorite blonde muscle superstars…. and then a bigger one coming later this week.   First up, one more gallery added of Brooke Walker’s Crazy Contest Shape Leg Day, a page that has been VERY popular due to her tremendous conditioning just weeks out from the PHX Pro.   Next up, the massive amazon, Hailey Wegner at Wild Horse, with a brand new video of her tremendous back work, where she too, is in supreme contest shape and looking ripped as hell.

Speaking of Brooke Walker – remember to check out her latest video over in her clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – the Arkansas Ranger looking crazy hot!

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Over at HDPhysiques.TV, the Brooke Walker Clips Studio has been updated with a hot new sexy 80’s clip – get it today to support Brooke!

Ready for Some BICEPS??? 2 New Hailey Wegner Clips Added Featuring BIGGUNS!

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Today’s update features gorgeous blonde Amazon, Hailey Wegner absolutely destroying her biceps in the gym.    The sweat pours, the face grimaces, and every muscle fiber is flexed as she lifts heavy weight in the gym.   See these 2 new clips on the page of Hailey Wegner at Wild Horse Gym.   You won’t be disappointed – one of the hottest new muscle girls in recent years and she gives it ALL she’s got!

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New VIDS of BIG Amazon Muscle Girls – K8 Hart & Hailey Wegner – Tall, Strong Muscle!

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Today, folks, we’ve got 2 gorgeous amazon-sized blondes in some hot new video for you to enjoy!    First up, long-time fan favorite and PremiumPhysiques exclusive athlete, the amazing Kaitie (K8) Hart!   On the page entitled “K8 Hart at IronHouse Gym” you’ll see a hot new flexing clip from last summer’s footage.   Then, for ripped contest shape TALL amazon muscle, you’ll love the new clip of Hailey Wegner 2 – at WildHorse Gym.

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2 New Clips of HUGE and VASCULAR Hailey Added to the Members Area!

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Fans of BIG Meaty Hot Blondes are gonna love today’s update!  We’ve got an incredible 2 new clips added in the PremiumPhysiques members area featuring the stunningly beautiful and super ripped (contest shape) and massive, Hailey Wegner.  This was shot just a couple weeks before Hailey’s pro card winning show, and she’s in absolutely mind-blowing shape.  If you like huge ripped backs and powerfully peaked biceps, you’re gonna love these 2 new clips.   Head over to the page entitled “Hailey Wegner at Wild Horse” and download these 2 new clips today – ENJOY!

Also, remember to join PremiumPhysiques with an HDP/PP combo membership and enjoy the best of both HDPhysiques and Premium.   Over at HD, we recently added a new model page featuring 20-yr-old crossfit champion, Alex Gazan – tremendous strength!  Enjoy both sites and save with our monthly discount with the combo membership!

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New Clips of Sheronica Henton & Hailey Wegner added – JOIN the Members Area Now!

The massive arms of gorgeous Hailey Wegner as she prepares for her next competition. JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for more coverage!

Hey gang!  We’ve got a hot new update here at PremiumPhysiques to start off the week!   First up, from our weekend at the NY Pro back in May, we have another new clip added featuring the stunning Olympian, Sheronica Henton, from Denton.   That was Sheronica’s first shoot here on PremiumPhysiques (she was previously featured on HDPhysiques a few times!) and we are very glad to add her to the lineup of featured athletes.

Next up, for fans of the HUGE, big beefy blondes….. we’ve got an offseason clip of the stunning Hailey Wegner in the Dungeon Gym, from earlier this year.   Hailey was at that perfect size of being lean enough to have veins and striations, but in offseason to where she was massively huge.  A shape and condition that we absolutely love!

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Big strong biceps! Sheronica hits the mark once again – check out her new shoot page and JOIN PremiumPhysiques today!

2 New Hailey Wegner MASSIVE Dungeon Shoot Vids Added!

The massive arms of gorgeous Hailey Wegner as she prepares for her next competition. JOIN PremiumPhysiques now for more coverage!

The MASSIVE Hailey Wegner is back with 2 new gym clips on the page of “Hailey Wegner in the Dungeon” from our shoot earlier this year before she won her pro card!   Despite being a mere “amateur” here…. Hailey shows off both lower and upper body, and shows us exactly why she was deserving of that pro card that came later in the year.

In other news….. please join us in CONGRATULATING PremiumPhysiques Sponsored Athlete Brooklyn Walker on her top 3 placing in the Olympia competition this past weekend!   We are BEYOND PROUD of “Torrance”.   Top 3 in the world – SIMPLY AMAZING!

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Brooke Walker, PremiumPhysiques athlete, as she walks off the Olympia stage as the 3rd best in the ENTIRE WORLD! We are beyond proud of her and this HUGE accomplishment! Photo Credit: NPC News Online JM Manion. Click here to go to Brooke’s Clips Store and show your support!