Our HOLIDAY PROMO Continues As We Launch a NEW PAGE feat. Brooke w Guest Jess Chapa!

Brooke was all giddy to climb the ropes at 1st Phorm Gym in STL! Join now for the videos soon to come, plus the 4 already posted!

Hey gang!   It’s great to see you folks joining, and RE-JOINING PremiumPhysiques with our Holiday Promo offer in which you can get FREE vids from HDPhysiques.TV (see details below).   No doubt, you don’t want to miss the thrilling and exciting female muscle here at Premium, and over on the “mothership” HDPhysiques.com!    For instance, today’s newest event page added, is the tremendous 2021/2022 Olympian, Brooke Walker with Guest Jess Chapa at 1st Phorm Headquarters Gym in St. Louis, MO.   Perhaps the biggest and most incredible state-of-the-art gym we’ve ever seen…. this phenomenal facility allowed these 2 girls to show off muscle like never before!   In addition to normal lifting and equipment use, we also get to see Brooke performing some acrobatic stunts, and both girls doing some rope climbing challenges.   2 physical specimens that you’ve gotta see to believe.  Brooke, the complete package Olympian Womens Physique body-type, while Jess is the QUAD monster Wellness competitor, soon to be a pro in the year ahead no doubt.   Check out the NEW PAGE – Brooke with Jess Chapa at 1st Phorm – TODAY!!!!

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2 GREAT female muscle athletes! Join for the powerful photos and videos of these elite specimens!