Katie Lee Tuesday – 2 New Clips of HUGE Muscle Power!

2 New Katie Lee clips added to the PP members area – JOIN NOW for the amazing muscle flexing vids!

Katie Lee’s Massive Muscle Explosion!  If you’re in the mood for amazing biceps, peaked power, and huge back, chest, and more….. check out the 2 new clips added on the page of the “Katie Lee vs Brooke Walker Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon“.   Katie is HUGE in these clips…. and fully pumped up, trying to out-do Brooklyn T. Walker at the Dungeon Gym!   Peaked biceps, lean muscle, and sexy muscle posing is the name of the game, folks!   Also, speaking of Brooke…. remember to check out the latest video added in her Brooke Walker – Arkansas Ranger clips studio at HDPhysiques.TV – featuring amazing chest building action shot just last month in her training sessions here in St. Louis (HDPhysiques headquarters).

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2 NEW Galleries of Brooke & Katie’s Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon Gym!

HUGE MUCLES! Both Brooke and Katie brought their A-Game for this posedown in the Dungeon – JOIN NOW for 2 of the best muscle girls in the world!

Hey fellas, we’ve got 2 new galleries added in today’s members area update here at PremiumPhysiques – 2 of the biggest, sexiest, hottest girls on Premium – Katie Lee & Brooklyn Torrance Walker!    The galleries are on the recently added page, “Katie vs Brooke Muscle Challenge at the Dungeon“.   Check out and let us know which girl has the physique for you!    Just look at these samples here….. these girls are unbelievable!  Found exclusively at PremiumPhysiques, and their respective clips stores at HDPhysiques.TV!

Who has the better chest? Katie or Brooke? Download the new galleries today and judge for yourself!

Katie Lee – NEW Massive Biceps Clip Posted!

How would you like to armwrestle THAT beast? Check out Katie’s amazing arms by clicking here!

Hey gang, just a quick update with a bigger one coming later this week.   We’ve got a new clip of the sensational Katie Lee flexing her MASSIVE biceps by the Missouri River from back in October.    Katie, despite not competing in 2020, remains at near her biggest and most impressive size ever, and still has lean conditioning to really make that muscle pop!   Check it out on the “Katie Lee Flexin at the MO River” page right now!

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AMAZING new Katie Lee video added on the page of “Katie Lee – flexing at the Missouri River” – JOIN PP today!

NEW Event Page Added – Katie vs Brooke Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon!

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HUGE NEWS!   PremiumPhysiques has added a brand new page on the site featuring 2 of your most favorite female muscle athletes of this generation!   2 of our sponsored athletes, Katie Lee and Brooklyn T. Walker, do battle at the Dungeon gym in STL in a new muscle challenge page.   Both girls training both upper and lower body, and doing TONS AND TONS of flexing/posing!   On the new “Katie & Brooke Muscle Challenge in the Dungeon” page, you’ll see the first 4 video clips (and 14 more to come!), along with the first 2 (of 4) photo galleries from this amazing event!

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New Morgan Payne Vid Featuring Crazy Biceps & More!

Look at how DEEP that chest is cut! Morgan giving Katie a run for her money in the chest department! JOIN NOW for Katie and Morgan flexin’ it up!

Hey folks – just a quick update today and then a bigger one coming this weekend.   In today’s update we’ve got a new video of the tremendous Morgan Payne on the page of the “Katie Lee vs Morgan Payne Muscle Challenge 2020.”   In this video Morgan looks spectacular as she takes you on an upper body posing extravaganza highlighting her sensational arms!

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New Members Galleries of HUGE Katie Lee & Sexy Torrance Walker!

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TREMENDOUSLY SEXY and HUGE Muscle in today’s gallery updates!   First up, if you are looking for some ultra-sexy studio work, check out Brooke Walker in a thong bikini from Evocative Studios – her favorite place to shoot in STL.   It’s on the page of “Brooke’s Studio and Gym Shoot 2020“.   Then, if you’re in the mood for some MASS MUSCLE…. check out the 4th gallery added on the page of “Katie Lee Flexin’ at the MO River”.   We got some beautiful shots when Katie was in town for shoots back in September.  She’s never looked better, folks!

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ALL NEW Katie Lee Page NOW AVAILABLE – Mass Muscle by the MO River!

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  A new page has been added featuring brand new content shot just days ago….  in Sept 2020, as Katie Lee was in the STL area for some shoots prior to her first Jiu-Jitsu tournament.     Check out the new “Katie Lee Flexin’ on the MO River” page from our recent shoot in St. Charles, MO.    The new page kicks off with 4 stunning videos, along with 2 amazing photo galleries, with much more on the way.    Katie was looking big as a house!   And her sexy posing is better than ever.   She loves showing off all that muscle!

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PP Adds New Clips of HOT Katie Lee & Brooklyn Walkerton!

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Today, PremiumPhysiques has added 2 new clips to the members area, featuring 2 of your very favorite physique athletes.   First up, in the Brooke Walker portion of the Kaitie Hart and Brooke double shoot, we have a new clip of Brooke in the gym (shot by Kaitie) while she was posing for the HDPhysiques cameras.  Check it out now on the page of  Brooke’s Studio and Gym Shoot in STL 2020.   Then, if you’re in the mood for absolute mass monsters…. check out Katie’s enormous back, arms, and delts on the page of Katie & Morgan’s Muscle Challenge 2020!

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HOT MUSCLE – New Brooke Gallery & New Morgan Video Added!

NEW GALLERIES of Brooke – Check ’em out!

We’ve got 2 of your favorite muscle hotties up to bat in today’s update.   First, on the page of Brooke Walker in Conway 2019 – we’ve added a new gallery of Brooke in both super sexy outfits doing some posing, and also in the gym doing some powerful gym work and flexing!  Nobody does it quite like “Torry”!    Then, if a ripped muscular power pecs chest is your thing, you’re gonna love the new video we added on the page of Katie Lee vs. Morgan Payne – Muscle Challenge 2020 – Morgan shows off her tremendous chest and dares Katie to step up her game!

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HOT NEW VIDEO of the amazing Morgan Payne

New Clips of MASSIVE Katie Lee & Peak Princess Morgan Payne!

Two very different yet ultra impressive, specimens of female muscle! JOIN NOW for Katie vs. Morgan!

Our CORONA PROMO continues with BIG SAVINGS when you buy a PremiumPhysiques/HDPhysiques combo membership!    In today’s update you’ll find 2 new clips of the gorgeous Morgan Payne flexing it up with MASSIVE Katie Lee.   The biceps, delts, glutes, and more on display here is a sight to behold, folks!

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